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Transpose in a sentence

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Synonym: commutecounterchangeinterchangepermutetransfertransplantSimilar words: transporttransportationactive transporttransittransfertransmittransformtransientMeaning: [træns'pəʊz]  n. a matrix formed by interchanging the rows and columns of a given matrix. v. 1. change the order or arrangement of 2. transfer from one place or period to another 3. cause to change places 4. transfer a quantity from one side of an equation to the other side reversing its sign, in order to maintain equality 5. put (a piece of music) into another key 6. move from one side of an equation to the other side without a change in value 7. change key. 
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1) Genetic engineers transpose or exchange bits of hereditary material from one organism to the next.
2) Many people inadvertently transpose digits of the ZIP code.
3) The sentence can't transpose.
4) We have for instance to transpose the freedom from fear into present circumstances and to help others to make the same journey.
5) To see it only need one transpose the four protagonists as follows.
6) But when you have to transpose by a third or more you have to go back to square one.
7) Can you transpose this fugue into G major?
8) Can you transpose this fugue into g major?
9) Dyslexics often transpose letters in a word.
10) Now,( transpose this analogy to the gasoline industry.
11) Transpose all these lines to other keys where range will allow.
12) You need to transpose a list of lists, turning rows into columns and vice versa.
13) Taking the transpose of both sides does not change the left - hand side of the equation.
14) Transpose: To change places with another letter, word, lie or illustration.
15) Q: Hey, can you write code to transpose a matrix in 0.007 KB or less?
16) Transpose these two words and the sentence will read right.
17) In the near future I may transpose these drawings to real size and sell the templates.
18) These two positions are said to transpose to each other.
19) Tip of the Day : You can transpose rows and columns in a selected range.
20) To transpose each other.
21) Those that did not depend upon the land or the sea she might transpose to another setting.
22) We may close our eyes tightly against the ramshackle buildings all about and transpose ourselves to the top of Mount Pitt.
23) If A is the mxn matrix,[] then the nxm matrix is called the transpose of A.
24) A parallel algorithm for matrix multiplication based on optical transpose interconnection system(OTIS) network is proposed, and the time complexity is analyzed.
25) She could play any piece of music she heard and transpose it into any key.
26) The image is of an 8- spoked wheel with the secret vowels of the Tetragammaton (name of god) and the letters ROTA, which means Wheel - however if you transpose the letters it spells "TARO".
27) They have the unusual property of being able to move around or transpose.
28) When it did not fit he never hesitated to transpose or rearrange.
29) Matrix serves as a key tool in the study of higher algebra. The definition and properties of symmetric and anti-symmetric matrices are given in discussing the computation of matrix transpose.
30) The establishment of a matrix calculation of template classes, can be combined matrix, subtract, multiply, transpose, inverse, such as computing.
More similar words: transporttransportationactive transporttransittransfertransmittransformtransienttranslatetransitiontranslationtransactiontransmissiontransformationposecomposeexposeopposeimposesupposeopposedproposeproposedon purposesupposedlybe supposed topredispositionas soon as possibleentranceinspire
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