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Tendentious in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-04-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: tendenciousSimilar words: sententiouslycontentiouspretentiouspretentiousnesssuperintendentlicentiousostentatiousadventitiousMeaning: [ten'denʃəs]  adj. having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one. 
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1. His analysis was rooted in a somewhat tendentious reading of French history.
2. They have to be tendentious and have real purpose.
3. Other collections have been more conspicuously tendentious than this.
4. It is a tendentious point, since the convention is that treaties are always signed by the executive.
5. Still more tendentious is the Tory claim as it relates to a potential Labour Government.
6. He tacks on tendentious continuations to things Raskolnikov has said.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. The tendentious track is upwards.
8. Such tendentious statements are likely to provoke strong opposition.
9. She made a tendentious speech.
10. Countries engaged in war send tendentious reports.
11. The tendentious text of enterprise oneself is released on Internet media.
12. As a government authority, so full of tendentious statement clearly lacking in balance.
13. The author's tendentious history of the chemical company glosses over its role in one of the most catastrophic environmental accidents in history.
14. The integrity, force tendentious and heterogeneous isomorphism makes the nervous system of appreciator produced the same structure mode as painting works, can be found in different painting art works.
15. The effort, now weary and tendentious, was exciting in its earlier days.
16. It's frequently seen that media outlets produce tendentious reports before court decisions were made. Meanwhile, the public makes numerous emotional comments while a trial is still going on.
17. Generally, F1 isozymes zymogram was tendentious to female parent, meanwhile, was influenced by two-parents.
18. Gaskell, for example, and other such novels become tendentious[], and the place and role of women becomes the dominant theme of novels of this kind.
19. When understanding news authenticity and tendentious two relations, we should see the news between the authenticity and tendentiousness is the dialectical unification relations.
20. When this suggestion first surfaced, in a tendentious 1991 biography by Bruce Perry, the criticism was huge, but Marable insists that the evidence is now more compelling.
21. As young men, they managed to avoid falling out over the tendentious terms of their father's will.
22. Perhaps this inference, given its grounding in pupil, not teacher data, is a tendentious one.
23. She was untainted by the radical politics of earlier reformers and wisely avoided the tendentious macro-economics of the Neo-Malthusians.
24. For the Guardian to cite him as an expert on Einstein without further comment is tendentious and misleading.
25. We will further consolidate and expand to the economic development of the province's good posture, more attention to study tendentious question.
26. Display the words and deeds are living with emotional and tendentious .
27. Through my studies, I try to find out in academic studies weaknesses, errors, different viewpoints, vacancies and other tendentious issues so as to form my own construction.
28. Under the cloak of objective reporting the reporter can be as tendentious as the writer who openly expresses his own opinion.
29. By "not free of errors" I do not refer to tendentious anti-nuclear journalism – that is quite normal these days.
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