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Adventitious in a sentence

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Sentence count:58Posted:2016-11-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: surreptitiouslicentiouspretentiouscontentiousconscientiouspretentiousnessconstitutional conventionadventureMeaning: [‚ædvən'tɪʃəs]  adj. associated by chance and not an integral part. 
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1 Some rural parishes also recorded relatively high adventitious populations.
2 There was an adventitious contributing cause.
3 More importantly, the definition of the adventitious population stresses an element of choice in rural residence.
4 Eureka adventitious buds regeneration were investigated.
5 If adventitious sounds are auscultated, have client cough.
6 High mass concentration of lead induced adventitious roots.
7 Trunk and branches usually without adventitious sprouts; umbo flat or blunt.
8 The conditions promote the multiple formation of adventitious buds and regenerated rootsproliferating colonies of cells.
9 The results provide the cytological basis of promoting adventitious root formation after GL - reagent treatment.
10 The adventitious shoots of limber pine were taken as objects to investigate their induction of adventitious roots.
11 It is customary to treat Dialectic as an adventitious art, which for very wantonness introduces confusion and a mere semblance of contradiction into definite notions.
12 Adventitious buds regeneration from etiolated internode segment of apple cultivar Nagafu No.
13 The mechanism of formation of adventitious root induced by light or dark pretreatment was initially studied in stem of broad bean seedling.
14 Adventitious shoots were generated after cotyledons were cultured in selecting media containing hygromycin for 4–5 weeks. Rooted safflower was obtained in 4–8 weeks.
15 MethodsUnder aseptic circumstance, the adventitious root formation of the cutting branch and explant of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum and growth hormone intervention in the root formation were observed.
16 Furthermore, adventitious root growth, rate was greatly increased when inoculum size was 2. 5%.
17 It required more than 15 to induce the adventitious ro - ots.
18 The strike was broken , of course, but mainly by a series of adventitious developments.
19 But the more rapidly an organism learns(, the more vulnerable it is to adventitious contingencies.
20 Periodontosis of confine green early days encroachs a few deciduous teeth only, place adventitious.
21 Latent root primordium was not found in shoots in test tubes. The induced root primordium which originated from the division and differentiation of pith ray cell developed into the adventitious roots.
22 With the development of the vascular systems in the adventitious roots, the roots extrude from the lenticel or the cutting callus.
23 The result shows that auxin polar transport plays an important role in adventitious root formation.
24 Effect of different hormone , carbon source ,[] medium and transfer time on redifferentiation of adventitious buds from callus derived from immature embryos have been discussed.
25 GA3 content the decreasing trend in the induction period of adventitious root primordia of mutant of P. tomentosaand and P. dakuanensis and the increasing trend in the expression period.
26 The contents of endogenous IAA and ABA in the differentiation of adventitious root in vitro of Elaeocarpus sylvestris were studied.
27 The embryo in hickory origined from nucellar cells and it belonged to adventitious embryony reproduction one type of apomixis.
28 By optimizing the culture conditions , the rate of adventitious bud induction , elongation and rooting reached to 100 % , 83 %, and 100 %, respectively.
29 One-year-old half- lignified branches from Camptotheca acuminata trees were used to study the anatomical structure of stem and the formation of callus and adventitious roots.
30 The method of tissue culture is used to induce the cotyledons of cucumis melon to become callus and then adventitious buds.
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