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Retention in a sentence

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Synonym: holdingkeepingmemoryretentivenessretentivitySimilar words: pretentiousdetentionpretentiousnessattentionintentiondistentionabstentioncontentionMeaning: [rɪ'tenʃn]  n. 1. the act of retaining something 2. the power of retaining and recalling past experience 3. the power of retaining liquid. 
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1. The retention of data in a storage device.
2. Feelings of time always forward,never weak retention eyes.
3. The UN will vote on the retention of sanctions against Iraq.
4. Visual material aids the retention of information.
5. Eating too much salt can cause fluid retention.
6. Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid retention.
7. They supported the retention of a strong central government.
8. They advocate the retention of our nuclear power plants.
9. I have a real problem with retention of information.
10. Managers are responsible for the safe custody and retention of records.
11. The retention of old technology has slowed the company's growth.
12. Two influential senators have argued for the retention of the unpopular tax.
13. He argues strongly for retention of NATO as a guarantee of peace.
14. The company needs to improve its training and retention of staff.
15. Without water retention the land becomes baked.
16. Without the topsoil, water retention is negligible.
17. A.. Watch customer loyalty, retention rates, share of purchases.
18. As in the Victorian prisons and asylums, the retention of personal sanity required some deviant dodges.
19. Ball retention was poor and they will have to improve on this for the league games.
20. The scope for the retention of this kind of information exchange is not significantly better or worse today than it was then.
21. The offence will also cover cases of dishonest retention or disposal after an innocent acquisition such as are mentioned in paragraphs 21-25.
22. The payment will be costed gross and any retention or cash discount will be accounted for in the financial accounts.
23. During the retention period the money should be held in a deposit account.
24. The retention of valued employees is worth more than a little inconvenience.
25. Don't sleep in an overheated room as this can cause fluid retention in your face and bags under the eyes.
26. Occasionally the builder may raise minor maintenance problems to justify his failure to pay for work executed or to release retention.
27. The result in the vote against the development and for the retention of the airfield was unanimous.
28. A paper system should still be used for the retention of signatures on test results[], development plans etc.
29. The decrease in sodium reabsorption by the renal tubules will be accompanied by decreased chloride and water retention.
30. A similar poll last year showed 52 percent favoured retention.
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