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Dependent in a sentence

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Antonym: independentSimilar words: independentindependencedependingtendencyrespondentcorrespondentspendsuspendMeaning: [-dənt]  n. a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support). adj. 1. not independent 2. contingent on something else 3. (of a clause) unable to stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence 4. supported from above 5. being under the power or sovereignty of another or others 6. addicted to a drug. 
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1 The talks were dependent on a renunciation of terrorism.
2 The islands' economy is largely dependent upon tourism.
3 He is dependent on his wife.
4 We are completely dependent upon your help.
5 He has a mother completely dependent on him.
6 Norway's economy is heavily dependent on natural resources.
7 They are almost totally dependent on Western know-how.
8 You can't be dependent on your parents all your life.
9 Although officially a dependent territory the island is effectively autonomous.
10 The local economy is overwhelmingly dependent on oil and gas extraction.
11 They are dependent upon importation from foreign countries for cotton and grain.
12 The festival is heavily dependent on sponsorship for its success.
13 Many families on a low income are dependent on state support.
14 Married women have traditionally been treated as dependent on their husbands.
15 With a dependent wife and children,( he can't afford to lose his job.
16 Many of the patients are closely dependent on staff for day-to-day emotional support.
17 The country's economy is dependent on tourism.
18 A child's development is dependent on many factors.
19 It is largely dependent on the weather.
20 The country is dependent on foreign aid.
21 Those not gainfully employed are dependent on their savings.
22 The land is dry and wholly dependent on irrigation.
23 Jan's mother was dependent on her for physical care.
24 She had grown ever more peevishly dependent on him.
25 It's very easy to become dependent on sleeping pills.
26 Jane had never met anyone so utterly dependent.
27 She is completely dependent on her daughter for money.
28 The charity is totally dependent on the Church's bounty.
29 Like most psychotics[], she was very dependent on others.
30 Success is dependent on how hard you work.
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