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Billow in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-01-27Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: rippleSimilar words: billowingpillowbill of rightsbill of attainderallowbillhallowswallowMeaning: ['bɪləʊ]  n. a large sea wave. v. 1. rise up as if in waves 2. move with great difficulty 3. rise and move, as in waves or billows 4. become inflated. 
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1, The white sails billow with the breezes they catch.
2, The cuffs of his gray trousers billow.
3, Car parks, stuffed with cars, seem to billow up in places like fabric, as the wind catches them underneath.
4, When I sit down they billow up in front of me and I look as if I've got a water melon under there.
5, Her glazed porcelain wings billow in a gossamer sweep of iridescence.
6, An angry billow almost swallowed that ship.
7, An angry billow almost swallowed the ship.
8, He exhaled a billow of cigar smoke.
9, I watched the sails billow and the ship heel over slightly.
10, Such, company ability develops, ability classics wind fights billow , long fill do not decline.
11, The pigeon cuts open Yun Duo, E pokes billow wave.
12, Controls how the cells for the Billow noise type are arranged relative to one another. Set to 1.0 for a more natural random distribution of cells.
13, Cumulus clouds billow over the landscape near Cedar City, Utah.
14, One stone arouses 1000 billow, the tentative idea causes a mighty uproar very quickly in the whole nation, nod eulogist has, shake one's head the person that oppugn has.
15, Due to the devastating winds, heavy rainfall, billow and storm tide, typhoon is a major threat to ocean ships.
16, Enter 90 age,[] one billow crosses the ostrich upsurge that across our country high one billow.
17, Billow of this wave Na Bo, I also did not catch which wave.
18, A door shuts with a bang and curtains billow into the room.
19, As she watched, the whole sea lifted, a green billow rose and drowned the cave and lashed against the rock.
20, Controls the density randomization of individual cells used by the Billow noise type.
21, Particular form a complete set: ? of meat and fish dishes of Jin of billow has independent office building, the air inside plant area is fresh, the environment is beautiful!
22, On the land of 50 square kilometer, it is the billow wave of construction everywhere.
23, Be in with in post, great majority netizen is right " billow of the affection in the dream " behavior puts forward to condemn, the netizen call this group " profanatory close affection " .
24, In the house a door shuts with a bang, curtains billow into the room.
25, Look, in hangzhou poetic awakened the beauty, "cloud-covered mountains billow sunny side, by the rain also miraculousness" empty presented in sight of supernatural beauty.
26, Take a car, transfer, get off, student shedding, labour shedding collected billow stream of people.
27, The hope can protect the old villa on island bosomy billow through this kind of means.
28, One has squared body from the back, yellow sanded billow.
29, As two brave souls gaze on, red ash and lava billow nearly a mile (1.6 kilometers) into the sky from Mount Etna in July 2001.
30, Fig3. Some briefcases have concertina sections. Remember to clear this out when you come back from trips to avoid your unwashed briefs billow out onto the boardroom table.
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