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Ostentatiously in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: ostentatioussententiouslymysteriouslysurreptitiouslytentativetentativelyindentationorientationMeaning: ['ɑstən'teɪʃəslɪ /'ɒ-]  adv. in an ostentatious manner. 
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1. Her servants were similarly, if less ostentatiously attired.
2. The room was ostentatiously decorated in white and silver.
3. Harry stopped under a street lamp and ostentatiously began inspecting the contents of his bag.
4. Ostentatiously non-sectarian, Larkin was invariably opposed by the Catholic hierarchy on social issues.
5. He ostentatiously orders a can of Worthington with his lunch, to show where his sympathies lie.
6. Nigel was ostentatiously smoking a big cigar to give an illusion of poise.
7. It presides ostentatiously on the horizon line, arrogantly usurping the monumental function of grand public buildings of the past.
8. High - end goods are often ostentatiously labeled.
9. She directed her anger at the ostentatiously unconscious Macrory.
10. The government has ostentatiously solicited public opinion about the change.
11. They're ostentatiously shabby, his collars never clean and his tie's never tied properly.
12. He was ostentatiously smoking a big cigar to give an illusion of poise.
13. Mr Khrushchev ostentatiously wooed and embraced Castro at the U . N . general assembly.
14. He attended Democratic rallies and he ostentatiously voted the Democratic ticket.
15. Theuderic, meanwhile, mounted a punitive raid against the Auvergne - ostentatiously avoiding the Burgundian campaign.
16. There were humans of all shapes and sizes, richly and ostentatiously dressed, and a large mingling of equally impressive exters.
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17. Today some of their most visible representatives have become ostentatiously rich, and some even preach a gospel of wealth.
18. This he unveiled with grinning blatancy whilst clasping his wife ostentatiously round the waist.
19. The back drawing-room has never produced a company of comedians so intensely and ostentatiously conscious of their own funniness.
20. The crowd fell apart , now , and the Sheriff came through , ostentatiously leading Potter by the arm.
21. During the press conference, Buffett took a bag of peanut brittle from Munger -- saying "I'll get that Charlie" -- and ostentatiously gnawed it open with his teeth.
22. Several fast - food chains and consumer - goods firms have ostentatiously dropped it from their recipes.
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