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Repress in a sentence

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Sentence count:47+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: censorcrushhush upkeep downmufflequellrestrainsmothersquashsquelchstiflesuppressAntonym: inciteSimilar words: representdepresseddepressionrepresentationrepresentativefreedom of the pressentrepreneurreprehensibleMeaning: [rɪ'pres]  v. 1. put down by force or intimidation 2. conceal or hide 3. put out of one's consciousness. 
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1. He could hardly repress his tears.
2. The government was quick to repress any opposition.
3. She could barely repress a sigh of relief.
4. I couldn't repress a sigh of admiration.
5. He burst in, making no effort to repress his fury.
6. Individuals who repress their sexual desires often suffer from psychological problems.
7. The species which propagate vegetatively repress the plants propagated only by seeds.
8. Their professional pride is to provide information[], not repress it.
9. We have refused to repress our desires, in spite of enormous pressure to conform to heterosexual norms.
10. This state will repress all other classes in society until it is questioned by an alternative mode of production.
11. Kirov could not repress a slightly bitter, ironic smile as he thought about it.
12. They repress in heart's enthusiasm.
13. I could not repress my laughter.
14. At this junction Maston could not repress his emotion.
15. People who repress their emotions risk having nightmares.
16. He could hardly repress a smile at her simplicity.
17. Conclusion: The magnetic field can repress the metal corrosion.
18. It does not do to repress negative thoughts, such as fears, angers, or resentment.
19. ConclusionEstrogen can repress osteoblasts apoptosis of rats induced by serum hungry.
20. The Chinese ferociously repress any challenges to the official version of the history of Taiwan.
21. To repress this thing, we think, is providing for the general welfare.
22. Their voracity is legendary and even the most hardened warriors cannot repress a shiver if one speaks about them.
23. The Biblical Commission, originally established to foster biblical scholarship, had been used by Pius X to repress it.
24. Such people give more than they take; they tend to hide their emotions and repress their desires just to please others.
25. With the disaffection of these forces, President Herrera had no troops with which to repress the mutineers.
26. Conclusion The pivot in restraint of individual self-paid ratio and medical insurance fee increase in hospitalization is to repress the increase of average material fee.
27. Underfrequency load shedding (UFLS) is a widely accepted effective measure to repress further frequency drop. Most of UFLS schemes use pre specified steps based on measured frequency to shed load.
28. And the influence on aging is low-repressing and high-promoting in liquid culture. While in solid culture the Armillaria mellea liquid fermentation will repress the growth of rhizomorph.
29. This phenomenon is called strapping effect, which can validly repress polarization mode dispersion.
30. Conclusion:The effect of Weiyankang plus gastrone on precancerosis of gastric cancer may due to repress the abnormal expression of oncogene proteins in gastric mucosa.
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