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Subluxation in a sentence

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Similar words: publicationratificationgratificationnationorationzonationoperationcreationMeaning: n. partial displacement of a joint or organ. 
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(1) Releasing lateral retinaculum adequately for patellar subluxation.
(2) A subluxation occurs when the kneecap is pulled toward the outside of the knee.
(3) The subjects of femoral trochlear dysplasia and medial subluxation of the patella are briefly discussed.
(4) Acetabular dysplasia often leads to not only subluxation and luxation of the hip joint but also osteoarthritis of the hip joint.
(5) Shoulder subluxation, pain , functional deficits are common sequelae of these injuries.
(6) Objective To explore the management for subluxation of lens by phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation.
(7) Subluxation or dislocation of the long head of biceps tendon and tenotomy or tenodesis is recommended.
(8) These 3 patients all had anterior shoulder subluxation and greater proximal than distal upper extremity weakness.
(9) A partial dislocation (subluxation) means the head of the upper arm bone (humerus) is partially out of the socket ( glenoid ).
(10) Clinical subluxation as incomplete instability events that did not require a manual reduction maneuver.
(11) The imageology showed that forward atlantoaxial subluxation was verified in 16 cases, which was related with erosive osteoclasia in the atlantoaxial, atlanto-odontoid and atlanto-occipital joints.
(12) Among 14 cases of subluxation of the hip and coxa valgus caused by poliomyelitic paralysis, 5 cases were males and 9 cases were females.
(13) A cervical spine x-ray should always be done to rule out fracture and / or subluxation.
(14) Plain radiographs of the cervical spine in flexion and extension will allow recognition of atlantoaxial subluxation and subaxial subluxation.
(15) Objective To study the diagnosis and treatment of severe traumatic brain injury accompanied with atlanto-axial subluxation.
(16) Methods 5 cases ( 7 eyes ) of lens subluxation were performed phacoemulsification and IOL implantation.
(17) CONCLUSIONS: Anteromedial fractures of the coronoid are associated with either subluxation or complete dislocation of the elbow in most patients.
(18) Objective To introduce effect for treatment of rotatory fixation atlanto-axial subluxation in children with combination of a new type halo- cast fixation apparatus and operation.
(19) Conclusions: Patients with retrofibular pain and clicking of the peroneal tendons may not have demonstrable subluxation on physical examination and may have an intact superior peroneal retinaculum .
(20) Results. The conservative treatments failed to reduce the atlantoaxial subluxation . We performed a C1 laminectomy and posterior occipitocervical fusion, which successfully relieved his symptoms.
(21) Objective To probe the effectiveness of phacoemulsification and intraocular lens ( IOL ) implantation for lens subluxation.
(22) We identified a new subgroup of patients with intrasheath subluxation of these tendons within the peroneal groove and with an otherwise intact retinaculum .
(23) The rules of atlanto-axial joint movement which are observed in the present study lay theoretical basis for diagnosing and treating atlanto-axial subluxation.
(24) Objective To study the diagnosis and treatment of severe traumatic brain injury accompanied with Atlanto- axial subluxation.
(25) Objective : To investigate the clinical manifestations and treatment of atlantoaxial subluxation in children.
(26) Grisel syndrome has been characterized as a nontraumatic atlantoaxial subluxation associated with pharyngeal infection.
(27) Objective : Kinematics assessment is an important approach to evaluate subluxation of the upper cervical spine.
(28) Combination of the method and operation are suitable for treatment of rotatory atlanto - axial subluxation in children.
(29) Axial radiographs can demonstrate the presence of trochlear dysplasia, patellar tilt or subluxation, and the extent of patellofemoral arthritis.
(30) Objective:To evaluate the effect of manipulative reduction combined with isometric exercise with resistance on the atlantoaxial subluxation.
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