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Libation in a sentence

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Similar words: probationperturbationprobationaryratificationgratificationnationoperationcreationMeaning: [laɪ'beɪʃn]  n. 1. (facetious) a serving of an alcoholic beverage 2. a serving (of wine) poured out in honor of a deity 3. the act of pouring a liquid offering (especially wine) as a religious ceremony. 
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1. Would you care for a libation?
2. He was consuming his final libation.
3. Then I raise my glass and offer a libation to my beloved.
4. A libation of orange juice poured out on the ground to the memory of Uncle Max, that's all.
5. He stretched forth his hand to make a libation, and offered of the blood of the grape.
6. The poem is called "Libation[], " and it's for my friend Vusi who is in the audience here somewhere.
7. Beer remains the favoured libation, though the percentage of wine-drinkers has increased since Mr Obama took office.
8. Alcohol is commonly thought of as a good-times libation , but it has a dark side.
9. Before Zhou Yu's coffin, Zhuge Liang personally offered libation, kneeled on the ground, and read his eulogy. Tears of grief gushed forth from Zhuge Liang.
10. Thus bribed, the media steadily worked their way through mountains of free food and the occasional libation.
11. The oblations included, in addition to the animal offering, a cake of flour and oil and a libation of wine.
12. The combination of fast dancing, a very high heel, and maybe a libation or two can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.
13. Who knoweth but he will return, and forgive, and leave a blessing behind him(, sacrifice and libation to the Lord your God?
14. The Oresteia of Aeschylus is the author's only complete surviving trilogy, and includes the plays "Agamemnon, " "The Libation Bearers, " and "The Eumenides."
15. Cano's Saccharomyces coupled with Hackett's know-how to yield a very tasty libation, which is now made and distributed under the name Fossil Fuels Brewing Company.
16. After worshiping the ancestors (on one day), he gave a jug of libation to the servants who helped him.
17. Roger's Breakfast Club features great food, good friends and a libation or two.
18. At the turn of the new country, our country has come into a society of old libation.
19. Among the floats was a 15-foot Dionysus pouring a libation from a golden goblet.
20. We hard core "Bangers" know that this could only be achieved with the assistance of some libation as Raj can't bring himself to speak in front of a female without the aid of alcohol.
21. He was the patron spirit of the later scribes, to whom they regularly poured out a libation from the water -jug of their writing outfit before beginning their work.
22. The house of your God is deprived of offering and libation.
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