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Damnation in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2016-09-04Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: nationzonationnationaldonationnominationcombinationinclinationnationwideMeaning: [dæm'neɪʃn]  n. 1. the act of damning 2. the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell. 
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1 They believe he will suffer damnation for his sins.
2 He certainly believed in preaching hellfire and damnation.
3 Garvey's sold our souls into damnation.
4 They have skirted annihilation and damnation.
5 Too late for salvation and too late for damnation.
6 I think strong drink is damnation.
7 Damnation! I've lost my umbrella.
8 All swore, on pain of excommunication and eternal damnation, to protect and uphold the peace of the land.
9 He preached heavenly redemption, eternal damnation and very little in between.
10 Damnation Derek School playgrounds are supposed to be safe places, and in general I suppose that they are.
11 The missionaries had saved her from starvation and damnation, and in return Manshin Anjima let them call her Mary.
12 Doomed to eternal damnation from Sinatra's own special brand of heaven.
13 A true damnation, you left me the pain.
14 He went through fire and damnation.
15 Loss of the soul; eternal damnation.
16 The bad man will suffer eternal damnation.
17 Do you not know the pain of their damnation?
18 This... changes nothing. Eternal damnation awaits you!
19 Chicago is the glory and damnation of America, all rolled into one.
20 Yet because he refused to embrace damnation, he found no allies among the fiends either.
21 He believed that he would be condemned to eternal damnation for what he had done.
22 Such an idea also had pragmatic appeal: saving herself from damnation.
23 The Pope has put betting - with tax-dodging and reading horoscopes - on a list of sins that risk eternal damnation.
24 And stargazers who slavishly read those horoscopes are set for the sign of eternal damnation.
25 You're heading for a nasty fall - into the fiery furnace of damnation.
26 But there will also be those who will stay with it for its relish of damnation.
27 The rest of the maids had been threatened with hell-fire and damnation if they breathed a word.
28 The Chinese idea of the afterworld is much more everyday than other conceptions of paradise and damnation.
29 The Titans were hurled down there by Zeus to suffer eternal damnation.
30 Which devour widows'houses,( and for a pretence make long prayers: these shall receive greater damnation.
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