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Negation in a sentence

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Antonym: affirmationSimilar words: allegationnegotiationnegateobligationmitigationinvestigationratificationgratificationMeaning: [nɪ'geɪʃn]  n. 1. a negative statement; a statement that is a refusal or denial of some other statement 2. the speech act of negating 3. (logic) a proposition that is true if and only if another proposition is false. 
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(1) Unintelligible legislation is the negation of the rule of law and of parliamentary democracy.
(2) Much of what passes for Christianity is a negation of Christ's teachings.
(3) The author boxed the compass of negation in his article.
(4) This political system was the negation of democracy.
(5) Irena shook her head, but in bewilderment, not negation.
(6) She shook her head in negation.
(7) This theory is a negation of all traditional beliefs.
(8) No reasonable negation can be offered.
(9) He shook his head in silent negation.
(10) Shaking the head is a sign of negation.
(11) Affirmation depends on negation: white is valued at the expense of black; youth acquires status through the devaluation of ageing.
(12) In the first it is the negation of desire, in the second, of the culturally defined other of cultural difference.
(13) Evolution by natural selection is' the direct negation of organic growth.
(14) Such knowledge by itself leads to a Buddhistic negation of the will.
(15) Comprehension of negative sentences is facilitated when negation is being used to fulfil one of these functions.
(16) Perhaps Louis was also stung by the threatened negation of his own youthful exploits on the March.
(17) Doing without negation is a particularly helpful feature(, for a reason which will be explained below.
(18) This is negation, not support.
(19) V. The current Doha round negation on RTA and its latest development.
(20) Metalinguistic Negation is a very common Phenomenon.
(21) The life of an evil man is a moral negation.
(22) This is a perfect example of the mechanism of negation as postulated by Sigmund Freud.
(23) The so-called secondary categories consist of almost equally linguistic concepts: negation and opposition, comparatives, modes, and so on.
(24) Just as unceasingly are the sounds of argumentation and negation to be heard.
(25) As was was indeed a fact[], but was the negation of sound mind.
(26) This paper explains the proposition and propositional logic, giving the definitions, forms and usages of negation, conjunction, disjunction, implication and equivalence.
(27) All the deadly sins, indeed, have their own peculiar negation of beauty.
(28) The tenth and its relevant regulations of "The Law of Bill" of China should not been considered as negation of the abstraction of bill.
(29) Dispute was exist in the use of thoracoscope. Total negation or blind application would holdback the development of thoracoscope surgery .
(30) But by Dialectic is meant the indwelling tendency outwards by which the one-sidedness and limitation of the predicates of understanding is seen in its true light, and shown to be the negation of them.
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