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Veneration in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-01-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: generation gapgeneral electionoperationdesperationAND operationliberationalliterationexasperationMeaning: [‚venə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. a profound emotion inspired by a deity 2. religious zeal; the willingness to serve God. 
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1. Patriotism is a arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.
2. Churchill was held in near veneration during his lifetime.
3. The sun was an object of veneration .
4. The relics were objects of veneration.
5. I acquired lasting respect for tradition and veneration for the past.
6. Gandhi became an object of widespread veneration because of his unceasing struggle for freedom and equality.
7. The relics were objects of veneration / were held in veneration.
8. Eleanor's devotion to her husband amounted almost to veneration.
9. Yet even this poverty was transformed by a veneration for beauty.
10. Veneration of the images is therefore for the devout Hindu worship of Brahman.
11. His respect for the law bordered on veneration.
12. Trunk of a Tree - An object of veneration.
13. Her veneration for traditional learning never wavered.
14. The floodwaters have been undiscriminating, offering no veneration or respect for the many temples and religious icons that were inundated along with 22 of Thailand's 77 provinces.
15. He looked up him with veneration on the old imaginary pinnacle.
16. A veneration of the ancient is the movement's mantra and han fu is its uniform.
17. A memorial was erected in veneration of the dead of both world wars.
18. The major origin and impetus of veneration of Mary comes from the Christological controversies of the early church - many debates denying in some way the divinity or humanity of Jesus Christ.
19. This veneration especially takes the form of prayer for intercession with her Son, Jesus Christ.
20. Exotic scent mingled with the more religious smells of incense, furniture polish and veneration.
21. The emperor had begun to think polytheistic cult a veneration of evil spirits and therefore perhaps a danger to his realm.
22. The skulls were gilded and taken out for yearly veneration.
23. She a tiny little woman to inspire so much veneration.
24. That is how they addressed him: don plus his given name and without the family name, a form of address somewhere between what might seem like familiarity and the veneration owed to a feudal lord.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. They play drama of the story of Jesus except the veneration ceremony.
26. Homer's gods, Xenophanes complained, had all the immoral and disgraceful traits of flawed human beings and should hardly be the object of veneration.
27. Faith reduces your pride and is the root of veneration.
28. IVC seals depict animals, perhaps as the object of veneration, comparable to the zoomorphic aspects of some Hindu gods.
29. It is inconceivable, the agony with which this public veneration tortured him.
30. In the Republic of San Marino, there is a deep?rooted veneration of the Saint Marinus, the legendary founder of the Republic.
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