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Shooting in a sentence

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Similar words: shootshoot upvotingnot in the leastratinghuntingtestingsettingMeaning: ['ʃuːtɪŋ]  n. 1. the act of firing a projectile 2. killing someone by gunfire. 
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1. Speak without thinking is shooting without aiming. 
2. Speaking without thinking is shooting without taking aim. 
3. His brother was killed in a shooting incident last year.
4. They went grouse shooting up on the moors.
5. The shooting was in pure self-defense.
6. The soldiers began shooting away at the enemy positions.
7. They're shooting grouse up on the moors.
8. When the enemy start shooting, you may fire back.
9. Police rushed to the scene of the shooting and found one person dead and three wounded.
10. When the shooting started, they ducked behind a car.
11. Soldiers went on a rampage, pillaging stores and shooting.
12. They were shooting at a target.
13. I spotted a shooting star which, to my astonishment, was bright green in colour.
14. She described the shooting as a wicked attack.
15. The gangsters ran into the bar and started shooting it up.
16. There are unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital.
17. The soldiers were practising on the rifle/shooting range.
18. After school we'd be on the driveway shooting baskets .
19. I go back on the dole when the shooting season's finished.
20. The army were accused of shooting down unarmed demonstrators.
21. Flames were shooting up through the roof.
22. Two guys walked in and started shooting at people.
23. She was exhausted after a day's shooting.
24. He debated whether to make a joke about shooting rabbits,[] but decided against it.
25. When the shooting started we hauled ass out of there.
26. Bands of law breakers used to rage through the town, shooting and robbing.
27. An armed gang barged onto the train and began hacking and shooting anyone in sight.
28. Everyone put their fingers in their ears when the shooting started.
29. Some politicians have realised that there are more artful ways of subduing people than shooting or jailing them.
30. The protest degenerated into an orgy of looting and shooting.
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