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Conventional in a sentence

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Synonym: acceptedcustomaryestablishedformaltraditionalusualSimilar words: conventioninventionconversationpreventioninterventionconstitutionalconveniencea bone of contentionMeaning: [-ʃənl]  adj. 1. following accepted customs and proprieties 2. conforming with accepted standards 3. (weapons) using energy for propulsion or destruction that is not nuclear energy 4. unimaginative and conformist 5. represented in simplified or symbolic form 6. in accord with or being a tradition or practice accepted from the past 7. rigidly formal or bound by convention. 
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1. She's very conventional in her views.
2. Months are a conventional subdivision of the year.
3. The chairman made a few conventional remarks.
4. Conventional wisdom has it that riots only ever happen in cities.
5. She's so conventional in her views.
6. Mine was a conventional family upbringing.
7. The disease is totally unresponsive to conventional treatment.
8. Internet connections through conventional phone lines are fairly slow.
9. It's not a hotel, in the conventional sense, but rather a whole village turned into a hotel.
10. He made a few conventional remarks about the weather.
11. As traffic grew, the conventional wisdom was that roads should be widened to make room.
12. His work brought him into conflict with more conventional scientists.
13. She gives the impression of being rather conventional, but under the surface she is wildly eccentric.
14. This remarkable technology provides far greater clarity than conventional x-rays.
15. The other houses are built to a more conventional design.
16. With a conventional repayment mortgage, the repayments consist of both capital and interest.
17. I want to reiterate that our conventional weapons are superior.
18. Relative to atypical antipsychotic use, conventional antipsychotic use was associated with a higher risk for death at all time points.
19. He didn't fit the conventional image of a banker.
20. Bake for 20 minutes in a conventional oven; 8 in a microwave.
21. A conventional war would still cause unacceptable devastation.
22. The printer has several advantages over conventional printers.
23. The conventional wisdom is that boys mature more slowly than girls.
24. He hates the wheeling and dealing associated with conventional political life.
25. Die? I should say not, dear fellow. No Barry more would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him. John Barry more, American actor, J. 
26. We must reduce the danger of war by controlling nuclear, chemical and conventional arms.
27. It's taken a long time to break out of my own conventional training.
28. Autosuggestive techniques can help in the treatment of diseases which cannot be cured by conventional medicine.
29. Her book is a hilarious send - up of a conventional spy story.
30. It is time to go beyond the shibboleth that conventional forces cannot deter.
More similar words: conventioninventionconversationpreventioninterventionconstitutionalconveniencea bone of contentionconversionnationaladditionalfunctionaleducationalconvictionnationalismtraditionalcongressionaltraditionallyinstitutionalinternationalinstructionalmentionorganizationalattentionnot to mentionpay attention toidentificationconveyconcentrationconvert
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