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Pugnacious in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2016-08-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: hard-bittenhard-boiledroughSimilar words: vivaciousloquaciousofficioussuspicioussubconsciouslyconsciousnesscuriousanxiousMeaning: [pʌg'neɪʃəs]  adj. 1. tough and callous by virtue of experience 2. ready and able to resort to force or violence. 
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1. The professor had been pugnacious and irritable.
2. I found him pugnacious and arrogant.
3. The President was in a pugnacious mood when he spoke to journalists about the rebellion.
4. When drinking, he becomes pugnacious and rude.
5. Congressmen have been less pugnacious since then, and in exchange Mr Borja has stopped trying to reform things much.
6. Reg Seekings, a short, stocky and pugnacious East Anglian, had achieved a considerable reputation in the boxing ring.
7. Crystalizing these feelings was a youthful, pugnacious writer named Norman Mailer.
8. No sign of a truculent Grimsby or a pugnacious Pontefract yet, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
9. A caustically witty and pugnacious man, Wade is a charismatic speaker who can keep a crowd spellbound.
9. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
10. Sometimes as pugnacious off-screen as he is on, Penn knows his name spells trouble in Hollywood.
11. He is a pugnacious fighter.
12. Laziness makes people irascible, and Xiangzi now grew pugnacious.
13. My normally easygoing personality turned pugnacious.
14. Bellicose: Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious.
15. When he was a child , he was pugnacious and fought with everyone.
16. As a child he was pugnacious and fought with everyone.
17. But Mr Kennedy, despite his pugnacious liberal reputation, wrote many bills with Republican colleagues, too.
18. A retired litigator misses the challenge to her pugnacious intellect.
19. There were also pugnacious certainties guaranteed to incite the war's critics.
20. A man of great personal charm, he was yet stubborn and pugnacious towards those with whom he disagreed.
21. Shorn of Oliver's physical charisma and reserves of sullen, glowing mystery, Branagh tries to compensate with a pugnacious modernism.
22. The missing face is that of the late Cecil Spence, Mayor in 1977-78 and as principled as he was pugnacious.
23. The catfish that is sometimes suggested is carnivorous and pugnacious and generally creates havoc.
24. THE white-tailed kite cruising over the coastal grassland at Stratford Point is feeling pugnacious.
25. Because I'm relying on DbUnit to put the database into a known state before any tests are run, I can assume that the word, pugnacious, is valid with its part of speech set to Adjective.
26. There was a better hand across the table, held by a pugnacious Irish youth, who was a political hanger-on of the Tammany district in which they were located.
27. True or not, the story is in character: Mr Emanuel is famous for being the president's most pugnacious panjandrum and congressional and media manipulator, and proud of it to boot.
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