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Enact in a sentence

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Synonym: act outlegislatepassperformportrayrepresentstageSimilar words: manaclesnack barpugnaciouson account ofarenaenableSenatepenanceMeaning: [ɪ'nækt]  v. 1. order by virtue of superior authority; decree 2. act out; represent or perform as if in a play. 
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1. The authorities have failed so far to enact a law allowing unrestricted emigration.
2. Congress refused to enact the bill.
3. They're trying to enact a " nationality " bill.
4. The king could not enact laws without the sanction of Parliament.
5. Congress hurried to enact a $151 billion highways bill.
6. It is the competence to recognize and enact the rules, procedures and forms of understanding of a particular cultural environment.
7. King John forbade the clergy to enact any new decree on the subject.
8. Northern states did not enact legislation prohibiting discussion of slavery, but mob violence often awaited antislavery spokesmen.
9. If the representatives of the people will not enact campaign finance reform now, then when?
10. Under a new law, universities must enact smoke-free policies on their campuses.
11. We must enact as soon as possible the National Human Welfare Act in order to regulate the use of humans in research.
12. Each village has dancers and musicians to enact musical dramas which have been passed down through the generations.
13. Through a high level of devotional art they enact stages of the contemplative game - indeed provide means of play.
14. By necessity changes will take many years to enact a, id consequently the present system will prevail for some time.
15. Neither will this legislature enact taxes that some say are necessary to pay for better education.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. Being a fanatic nonsmoker and health freak, he made us enact the ritual funeral of a cigarette end.
17. One is the Legislature, whose members are elected by the people to enact laws.
18. This was high statesmanship, since each planned to use a new mandate to enact politically courageous and unpopular things.
19. Extension of the grounds for divorce took even longer to enact and was not achieved until 1937.
20. From Los Angeles to Athens, city authorities have tried to enact measures to limit exhaust emissions.
21. In 1994, New Jersey became the first state to enact a community notification law.
22. It didn't matter to her that Timothy Gedge intended to enact monstrous scenes in a rectory garden.
23. One is that courts are concerned only with the power to enact statutes, not with their wisdom.
24. They migrated to Montana, where legislators as recently as 1963 tried and failed to enact similar controls.
25. And can they then cut through pervasive public cynicism and generate enough voter interest to enact their recommendations?
26. Finding no road, we leave the terrarium on steroids to enact Plan B, which begins in Oracle.
27. After becoming president, Clinton was praised for pledging to enact a measure to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military.
28. The leader then forms a government that proceeds to enact its program into law.
29. Congress has failed repeatedly in the past decade to enact tougher laws.
30. Assume that you are smart enough to decide which candidate will actually enact policies that benefit you.
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