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Rat in a sentence

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Sentence count:239+16 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: betraybetrayerblabberblacklegbumcrumbdenouncedirty dogfinkgitgive awaygrassinformerlowlifepukerotterscabscum bagshitshopskunksnitchso-and-sosquealerstagstinkerstinkpotstrikebreakertell onSimilar words: rateratioratingor ratheroperatescratchgratifyoperatorMeaning: [ræt]  n. 1. any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse 2. someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike 3. a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible 4. one who reveals confidential information in return for money 5. a pad (usually made of hair) worn as part of a woman's coiffure. v. 1. desert one's party or group of friends, for example, for one's personal advantage 2. employ scabs or strike breakers in 3. take the place of work of someone on strike 4. give (hair) the appearance of being fuller by using a rat 5. catch rats, especially with dogs 6. give away information about somebody. 
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1. He used some cheese to trap the rat.
2. The hungry rat ravened down the poison bait.
3. But you promised to help us, you rat!
4. The biology students had to dissect a rat.
5. A rat squeaked and ran into the bushes.
6. So you've changed sides, you dirty rat!
7. A brown rat scurried across the road.
8. Like a rat in a hole.
9. The dog was killed by rat poison .
10. Paul got caught up in the rat race and was never at home.
11. I smell a rat.
12. The brown rat has prominent ears and a long scaly tail.
13. I had to get out of the rat race and take a look at the real world again.
14. The pest control officer put bowls of rat poison in the attic.
15. A rat had gnawed a hole in the box.
16. The dog scented a rat.
17. The farmer had put down some rat poison.
18. You can't rat out your teammates.
19. The dog nosed out a rat.
20. The dog was worrying a rat.
21. The rat gnawed a hole in the wooden box.
22. He held his breath as a rat scuttled past.
23. I glimpsed a rat running past.
24. Captain Hardnose certainly ran that rat over the hill.
25. The dog cornered the rat.
26. The rat hid in the straw.
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27. Bottles of lemonade doctored with rat poison were discovered in the kitchen.
28. On the stroke of midnight, Prince Charming turned back into a rat.
29. You mean he just walked out on her after fifteen years? What a rat!
30. He shook her violently as a dog shakes a rat.
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