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Facies in a sentence

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1. Clastic facies pattern recognition is somewhat systematic.
2. You may call my facies whimsical.
3. There is a suboutcrop of amphibolite facies TTG gneiss overlain by Neoproterozoic Zhangbaling Group at Nanhuang region in Jiashan, East Anhui.
4. The shoal ( or bank ) and shoal facies are important types of carbonate deposits.
5. The facies of a modern beach is probably seldom preserved in the geological record.
6. The research of sedimentary facies is an important foundational work for the exploration and evaluation of petroliferous basins.
7. There is Permian lake facies mudstone which has big potence to produce hydrocarbon in the front structural belt of Bogeda mountain in the north of Taibei depression.
8. Littoral and fluvial facies depositional soft soil distributes widely in the Zhujiang River Delta of China.
9. Dynamical metamorphism under greenschist facies is the condition of mineralizing enrichment.
10. The black graptolite shale facies indicate a deep - water, half enclosed and anoxic sedimentary environment.
11. Accordingly, facies differentiation is weak laterally but may be pronounced through the clinobeds.
12. To some extent, the facies evolution reflects the tectonic controls on the sedimentation of foreland basin.
13. This paper describes the Indirection of log facies analysis and the log an - alysis for facies indices.
14. The facies includes alluvial fan, fan - delta, offshore lake, shallow lake and deep lake facies.
15. The abandoned channel micro facies of fluvial reservoir blocks the fluid in the lateral.
16. This provides precedent for facies - controlled modeling of complex block reservoirs of fluvial facies.
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17. The basin facies area, however, is mainly with deep-water sediments characterized by radiolarian silicalite.
18. The latter is further sub - divided into gravelly and sandy braided fluvial facies.
19. The sedimentary environment can be divided into intertidal zone and subtidal zone where the mud flat, mixed flat, sand flat and channel facies developed on the low ramp.
20. Seismic stratigraphy is the study of stratigraphy and depositional facies as interpreted from seismic data.
21. Thermodynamic activity - traces acted as the regional metamorphic facies and its belts.
22. The weathering crust of Majiagou Formation in Ordovician of Changqing Gasfield in Ordos Basin is the major pay zone with the evaporated marginal sea facies.
23. Plant area was distributed over Quaternary system alluvium and deposit of oxbow lake facies, base rock is Tertiary red rock.
24. Finally through analyzing the of fracture pressure, caving pressure and pore pressure, three calculation models are building and explanation cut plane of land facies of typical well is formation.
25. The late stage is characterized by recrystallization in a stable enviroument. The metamorphism of low pressure type of low amphibolite facies only occurs on the main boundary planes of the zone.
26. mouth and limnetic, littoral, weathered continental drift bed and flood deposit facies. ...
27. The bedded me tamorphite series in Foping area had been formed by regional metamorphism of amphibolite facies .
28. By contrasting the plane distribution of oxidation fronts and sedimentary facies, it can be found that oxidation fronts are obviously controlled by interchannel fine-grained sediments.
29. Highstand System Tract mainly develops depositional system of offshore - meare, fluvial facies and prograded delta.
30. Lakeshore and shallow Lake deposits are main microfacies types of lake facies.
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