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Passive in a sentence

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Synonym: compliantdociledormantgentleinactivemildsubmissiveyieldingAntonym: activeSimilar words: massivepassionrecessiveexcessiveaggressiveregressiveimpressiveprogressiveMeaning: ['pæsɪv]  n. the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient (not the source) of the action denoted by the verb. adj. 1. lacking in energy or will 2. peacefully resistant in response to injustice 3. expressing that the subject of the sentence is the patient of the action denoted by the verb. 
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1. Campaigners handed out leaflets on passive smoking.
2. He had a passive expression on his face.
3. In spite of my efforts, the boy remained passive.
4. He's very passive in the relationship.
5. His passive attitude made things easier for me.
6. When changed into the passive,[] 'The dog chased the cat' becomes 'The cat was chased by the dog'.
7. Kathy seems to take a very passive role in the relationship.
8. The normal word order is reversed in passive sentences.
9. Jeremy's passive attitude was hard to fathom.
10. He has a passive disposition.
11. They tried to achieve their aims by passive resistance.
12. Passive smoking can be deadly too.
13. He has a passive expression on his face.
14. Women are reduced to merely playing a passive role.
15. She acted in passive obedience to her boss's directions.
16. We should translate this sentence in passive voice.
17. Doctors say passive smoking has caused his lung cancer.
18. He played a passive role in the relationship.
19. They want less passive ways of filling their time.
20. The Mahatma instigated several campaigns of passive resistance against the British government in India.
21. We are passive recipients of information from the world around us.
22. Blind children tend to be more passive in this area of motor development than sighted children.
23. She wore a passive expression on her face as if she didn't care what happened.
24. You find a greater use of the passive in scientific writing.
25. If we lag behind other nations in economy, we will be thrown into a passive position.
26. It's a sad truth that children are the biggest victims of passive smoking.
27. In the sentence 'He was seen there', 'was seen' is in the passive.
28. My father won't let me go out tonight. Let is not used in the passive.
29. This construction should not be confused with the regular passive.
30. I can't just walk in there cold and give a lesson on the passive!
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