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Regressive in a sentence

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Similar words: aggressiveprogressiveimpressiveexcessiverecessiveaggressioncongressionalmassiveMeaning: [rɪ'gresɪv]  adj. 1. (of taxes) adjusted so that the rate decreases as the amount of income increases 2. opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state. 
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1. A regressive tax, like the poll tax, takes proportionately more of a poor person's income.
2. The policy has been condemned as a regressive step.
3. This regressive behaviour is more common in boys.
4. A regressive tax structure is one in which the average tax rate falls as income level rises.
5. This is a regressive income tax.
6. Although indirect taxes as a whole are regressive, there is some variation between different types of indirect tax.
7. Indirect taxes are, as a group, regressive,( though this is not the case for all indirect taxes.
8. I saw at first hand what a regressive prison regime does to prisoners.
9. It is reactionary and regressive to pretend that television does not exist.
10. Here are the roots of the regressive trends in adolescence and in adult life.
11. Another useful classification is between progressive, proportional and regressive taxes.
12. Here, in the regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood lies the germ of the police state.
13. Critics point out that a sales tax is regressive, and supporters counter by suggesting that low-income taxpayers could get rebates.
14. Non-domestic rates are also regressive but various measures have sought to ease the burden.
15. John Gibson highlights the regressive aspects of recent local government financial reform, and predicts dire consequences for the urban poor.
16. Regressive between tax-payers Reflecting the importance of housing in the household budget, domestic rates fell most heavily on the low-income groups.
17. This regressive nature of the community charge is modified by the systems of rebates and exemptions.
18. It does not seem regressive to put it to use in the service of gay survival as well.
19. Shortly after this regressive move the post was cut completely.
20. This is regressive type of autism.
21. Many considered the changes to the welfare laws a regressive step.
22. The spokesperson said the information campaign was a fig leaf to hide the most regressive tax in history.
23. The tax system as a whole has thus become both increasingly regressive and increasingly unsupportive of family formation.
24. This spatial code is used to direct accurate and selective regressive eye movements.
25. Any flat tax is inherently unfair, as are all regressive taxes.
26. Radical cuts to income tax plus large increases in national insurance and indirect taxation have made the tax system far more regressive.
27. Labour's promissory notes can not be met by a scale of personal taxation which will become increasingly regressive.
28. A new education bill remained unfunded, and reform of a famously regressive tax system made no progress.
29. So I was around a bunch of 10-year-olds, and I have to say that regressive pull had me in a headlock, " he says."
30. Press mouse right key to nod Zun Jian, current page will be regressive one pace.
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