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Nodule in a sentence

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Sentence count:100Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2017-02-23
Similar words: modulateschedulemodulatedon schedulefraudulentfraudulencebehind scheduleahead of scheduleMeaning: ['nɑdʒuːl /'nɒdjuːl]  n. 1. a small node 2. small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant 3. (mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment). 
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1 There was a soft nodule on my vocal cord.
2 The fish is preserved in a siltstone nodule, which has partially formed around the body of the fish.
3 Each nodule has an opening into the gut through which the eggs reach the lumen.
4 Nodule bacteria are very good at biological nitrogen fixation.
5 Lymphocyte increased in lymph nodule of white pulp.
6 In the submucosa is a lymphoid nodule.
7 Hypericin is stored in secretory nodule.
8 Sometimes histiocytes accumulate large amount to form a "nodule", named 'nodular histiocyte hyperplasia".
9 The nodule minerals consist of quartz, plagioclase, amphibole, K ? feldspar , goethite, lepidocrocite, δ MnO ? 2 , illite, and muscovite etc.
10 Ocean polymetallic nodule is a vast metallic resource of deep sea bed and belongs allthe world.
11 The histopathologic picture of the nodule over the coccyx showed numerous xanthoma cells and some fibroblastic proliferations.
12 Aslow-growing strain 54 from stem nodule of Sesbania rostrata has been isolated.
13 The histopathologic feature of the nodule was consistent with characteristics of leukemia cutis.
14 The tumor nodule shows infiltrative changes along the left border, with the invasive acinar growth pattern of this carcinoma shown on the nodule (inset) (hematoxylin and eosin).
15 A yellowish - orange, lipid - filled nodule or papule in the skin,( often on an eyelid or a joint.
16 When existing a relatively large juxta-pleural nodule in lung CT image, because of the lacunas in the segmented lung, the attached nodules may not be distinguishable from the lung.
17 Histologically, the skin lesion revealed a sarcomatous nodule that was surrounded by benign glomus cells at the periphery.
18 Vicia sativa root nodule is usually rod-shaped, it is mainly composed of many cortex cells and a very large central zone which contains meristem, infected tissue and senescent tissue.
19 Incredibly, the whole meaty makeover was inspired by a course nodule that looked at public reactions to outrageous art.
20 But many of the companies interested have a potentially redundant nodule mining technology on their hands.
21 The more pathogenic species in ruminants occur in the subtropics and tropics and are associated with nodule formation in the intestine.
22 If not, the apparently uninvolved endometrium should still be examined to see if one can find the interface between the nodule and normal mucosa or myometrium.
23 The results showed that the iron with Co addition had the more nodule count and most ferrite in the microstructure, and better toughness but lower hardness.
24 Conclusion:Remifentanil can be used safely and effectively in vocal nodule extirpation.
25 Objective To investigate the reasonable operational manner of thyroid nodule.
26 By using fluorite, swarf and others for inoculanting the nodular iron the nodule count in inoculated iron increased obviously, even by over 100% more than that the iron without inoculation.
27 Only about 5% of the initial penetrations of root cells of legumes by swarmer cells result in nodule formation.
28 However, in contract to papillary DCIS, myoepithelial cells are also absent in the periphery of the tumor nodule of EPC.
29 Nitrogen fixation is carried out by the rhizobia in the anaerobic environment of the nodule.
30 Results 12 cases of pulmonary mycosis showed consolidation in the segment or lobe of the lung (6 cases), cavity with thick wall (2 cases), nodule or mass (2 cases), and fungal ball (2 cases).
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