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Infertility in a sentence

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Sentence count:176Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: fertilityfertility ratefertilizefertileinferiorityutilityhostilityfertile crescentMeaning: [‚ɪnfɜr'tɪlətɪ /-fɜː't-]  n. the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate. 
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1. Male infertility is becoming commonplace.
2. There are many possible causes of infertility in women.
3. The treatment of infertility is largely dependent on the ability of couples to pay.
4. Infertility is one of the complications of this type of radiotherapy.
5. They are carcinogenic and cause infertility in many species.
6. Sexually transmitted diseases have long been implicated in infertility.
7. Because of the haphazard way infertility is managed, thousands of couples are in a similar situation.
8. Pain-Free Progesterone: Women undergoing infertility treatment are sometimes required to undergo daily injections to deliver the hormone progesterone.
9. For them the dangers of infertility - real or imagined - may far outweigh the dangers of fertility.
10. Clinical study suggests chronic prostatitis can result in infertility.
11. Eery year,( millions of couples battle infertility.
12. Endometrial polyps are lesions commonly found in infertility patients.
13. Tubal factor infertility is a common sequela of salpingitis.
14. Some infertility experts worry about their health and development.
15. Fallopian tube scarring can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancy.
16. Endometritis is a cause of infertility.
17. My herb pills (got in Belgium) for my infertility, virilization, acne, hirsutism, etc problems has almost run out.
18. Infanticide, Herpes, tuberculosis, lameness, infertility, and stereotypic behavior are prevalent, and zoo elephant populations are not self-sustaining without importation.
19. Divorce in many communities was allowed, though frowned upon and usually had less to do with incompatibility than with infertility.
20. It warns that pollutants in the water may be causing insidious neurological damage in children, and infertility in adults.
21. Although the Legowskis' insurance covered most of the cost, most managed-care plans do not cover infertility treatments.
22. These records showed that there were occasional mastitis, lameness and infertility problems which were the main factors in reducing milk production.
23. The main problem areas were mastitis control, lameness and infertility - not an unknown combination in Britain.
24. So it should be clear that the separation of husband and wife has nothing to do with infertility of the woman.
25. Conclusion: Salpingemphraxis was the key sterile cause of the secondary infertility after drug induced abortion.
26. Mycoplasma genital infection and of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of or cervicitis relevant, besides can cause prostatitis, epididymitis and infertility, etc.
27. Asthenospermia is one of the familiar causes of male infertility.
28. Methods: Patients with prostatitis were studied among 523 cases of male infertility.
29. Mycoplasma mainly exists in human and animal sinus tract mucous membrane, can cause prostatitis, of urethritis of sex of gonococcus of, the epididymitis, infertility, etc.
30. Objective : To explore the effect of hysteroscopy combined with laparoscopy in the therapy of female infertility.
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