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Orator in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+3Posted:2016-10-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: public speakerrhetoricianspeechifierspeechmakerSimilar words: laboratoryoperatornarratormigratoryrefrigeratoradministratorstoragesenatorMeaning: ['ɑrətə(r) ,'ɔ- /'ɒr-]  n. a person who delivers a speech or oration. 
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31, To play the orator derisive Dickens.
32, A bigot is a stone - deaf orator.
33, That orator is a Boanerges.
34, He is known as a gifted orator.
35, The orator spoke in a bombastic manner.
36, A bigot is a stone - leaf orator.
37, A 36) bigot is a stone-deaf 37) orator.
38, The orator had conned it by heart.
39, He is a fervid orator.
40, He is something like an orator.
41, The fiery orator contrasted the idle rich with the toiling working classes.
42, The notes were made by a Florentine city official Agostino Vespucci, an acquaintance of the artist,[] in a collection of letters by the Roman orator Cicero.
43, It employs Wellington to make of Foy, who was only a soldier, an orator.
44, Finally he was stabbed by his friend, the orator Brutus!
45, As Demosthenes, the orator, explained it: "We have prostitutes for our pleasure, concubines for our health(, and wives to bear us lawful offspring."
46, The orator dwelt on that point for nearly twenty minutes.
47, He is remembered as the greatest Roman orator and the innovator of what became known as Ciceronian rhetoric, which remained the foremost rhetorical model for many centuries.
48, It is not surprising that the Greek orator Demosthenes (c 384–322 BC) was reputed to have practiced his diction and volume along the seashore by placing pebbles in his mouth.
49, The great abolitionist and orator Frederick Douglass once told us, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
50, The orator spoke magniloquently.
51, On entering public life, disraeli aspired to be both scholar and orator.
52, Question was asked of Demosthenes; what was the chief part of an orator?
53, Caesar was a scholar, an orator and a lover of literature.
54, As for an orator, it is not enough toable to think well and truly.
55, English statesman, orator, and writer. A Jacobite , he spent much of his life in exile and wrote influential political treatises, notably The Idea of a Patriot King (1749).
56, He or she may be an orator, or a bragger, and those listening to the person may believe him or her for a while.
57, By citing specific examples , the orator drove home his points.
58, The most famous black American anti-slavery leader and orator of the era, Frederick Douglass was born a slave on a Maryland plantation.
59, The shock caused the cart and the orator to come to a dead halt.
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