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Pejorative in a sentence

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Synonym: dislogisticdyslogisticSimilar words: narrativecooperativeadministrativenativeexplorationcorporationrelativecollaborationMeaning: ['pɪdʒɔrətɪv /'pɪdʒə-]  adj. expressing disapproval. 
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1. ' Swot 'is a pejorative term for someone who studies a lot.
2. I'm using the word 'academic' here in a pejorative sense.
3. Permissiveness is used almost universally as a pejorative term.
4. The new terminology will quickly become pejorative.
5. And so it acquired its contemporary, pejorative connotation of idle chatter.
6. The psychiatric model added other, more pejorative, associations with overweight.
7. I was, and this is the most pejorative label in all of caddying(, a bag carrier.
8. He used the word 'girl' in the pejorative sense when referring to the women who worked for him.
9. Isn't there a suggestion that "poetess" is slightly pejorative?
10. Professor Lockwood said it was a "pejorative name" because what happened during the Maunder Minimum "was actually nothing like an ice age at all".
11. Soldiers invent "mildly pejorative terms" to help them blow off steam, Adams says.
12. Many Saudis reject the term "Wahhabism" as pejorative; they regard Wahhab's ideas as Islam itself, properly interpreted, and they argue that no other label is required.
13. Make sure students realise that 'fat' is an unflattering or pejorative word.
14. I agree I am ambitious, and I don't see that as a pejorative term.
15. For hard-line Republicans, the word 'liberal' had become a pejorative term.
16. It comes as quite a shock to still hear a judge describing a child as 'illegitimate', with all the pejorative overtones of that word.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. A properly planned and monitored investment programme is needed, but ill informed and pejorative assertions are unhelpful.
18. However, we should be wary lest use of such an emotive and pejorative term leads to premature dismissal of legitimate arguments.
19. The class distinctions we employ, you would maintain, are descriptive not pejorative.
20. During the Industrial Revolution, many Birmingham goods were cheap to buy, but does cheapness justify the pejorative term worthless?
21. In the context of ethnic tourism, commercialization often has a pejorative connotation.
22. Vegetal Tasting term used to describe a vegetable like aroma. Usually pejorative.
More similar words: narrativecooperativeadministrativenativeexplorationcorporationrelativecollaborationinnovativeinitiativerelativelyalternativelegislativeconservativerepresentativedecorateelaboratecorporateincorporateamelioratelaboratorydeteriorateactivemotivefurtiveincentivepunitiveactivelydeceptiveassertive
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