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Afflicted in a sentence

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Similar words: afflictafflictionafflictiveconflictconvictedconflict withbafflebaffledMeaning: [-tɪd] adj. 1. grievously affected especially by disease 2. mentally or physically unfit. 
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1. Italy has been afflicted by political corruption for decades.
2. He was afflicted always with a gnawing restlessness.
3. He is afflicted with severe rheumatics.
4. About 40% of the country's population is afflicted with the disease.
5. They are always afflicted with the noise made by the passing planes.
6. Severe drought has afflicted the region.
7. Aid will be sent to the afflicted areas.
8. Many of the children are afflicted by festering sores.
9. She has been afflicted with a serious illness.
10. The people of the afflicted areas are certain to need our help.
11. A plague of locusts afflicted the land.
12. A terrible restlessness that was like to hunger afflicted Martin Eden.
13. Severe drought has afflicted the countryside.
14. He's badly afflicted with a skin disorder.
15. She has been much afflicted by this sad news.
16. He was afflicted by the modern malaise of instability and a fear of life.
17. Most people who get liver cancer are afflicted with the hepatitis B virus.
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18. Venus, however[], is afflicted with a lethally hot and corrosive atmosphere.
19. Mr. King I am afflicted today by people who prepare their supplementaries and do not bother to listen to the answers.
20. His dad, Charles, was lovable and devoted, but afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia.
21. The afflicted person will complain of aches and pains, headache, sore throat, loss of appetite, and general malaise.
22. Slightly less willing to react is a chassis afflicted by over-light steering that lacks feel.
23. For those afflicted with the notion that national politics is on the level and two-dimensional, the following yarn is logical.
24. Only other sufferers know what it is like to be afflicted with this disease.
25. There were examples of prion diseases, but the ones that afflicted humans were so rare as to be medical oddities.
26. Non-fiction publishing, to take a related case, is in general afflicted by similar problems of information overload and shrinking domestic markets.
27. In doing so it can go a long way towards lifting the depression which has afflicted too many teachers in recent years.
28. It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflictedAeschylus 
29. It infects Microsoft Outlook, mailing itself out to all contacts in the address book of the afflicted user.
30. Mental illness is a crucial event not only to the afflicted person but to the surrounding family members.
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