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Collaboration in a sentence

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Synonym: coactioncollaborationismquislingismSimilar words: elaboratelaboratorycorporationexplorationabortioncollectioninstallationlaborMeaning: [kə‚læbə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. act of working jointly 2. act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country. 
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1 The two companies are working in close collaboration each other.
2 Close collaboration between the Bank and the Fund is not merely desirable, it is essential.
3 The company is building the centre in collaboration with the Institute of Offshore Engineering.
4 The government worked in close collaboration with teachers on the new curriculum.
5 It was a collaboration that produced extremely useful results.
6 The new airport is a collaboration between two of the best architects in the country.
7 Rock musicians are working in collaboration with an orchestra to create a new opera.
8 The two international companies are working in collaboration with each other in the development of new software.
9 The two playwrights worked in close collaboration on the script.
10 Drummond was working on a book in collaboration with Zodiac Mindwarp.
11 He was accused of collaboration with the enemy.
12 Much hangs on the success of the collaboration between the Group of Seven governments and Brazil.
13 The project has involved collaboration with the geography department.
14 She wrote the book in collaboration with one of her students.
15 He was shot for collaboration with the enemy.
16 Tasks are designed that reward collaboration and teamwork(, in academic and nonacademic areas.
17 He found it very difficult to work in collaboration with others.
18 Is there evidence of actual collaboration among the elite in the formulation of preferred public policy?
19 Objective: promotion of international collaboration in education, science and culture.
20 Social Interaction and Collaboration Social interaction and collaboration among children in school are essential for the development and learning of children.
21 The new plane was a triumph of European industrial and technical collaboration.
22 Before broaching the subject of this lecture,[] I should like to recall that the discoveries of radium and of polonium were made by Pierre Curie in collaboration with me.
23 The eldest prince hatched a plan to murder the king in collaboration with some ministers.
24 Those three tasks are familiar to almost everyone involved in creative collaboration.
25 So from the relationship that developed during that period we developed the collaboration which features in the first section of Passion.
26 In practice, this exercise provides an excellent opportunity for active collaboration between the firm's accountant and responsible fee-earning staff.
27 They do not just generate data but enter into collaboration in the continuous monitoring of classroom activity and its effects.
28 There is thus a 5% difference in the extent of collaboration between an author's first and subsequent publications.
29 This is not to say that there is no collaboration between organizations.
30 Such a role called for financial autonomy, an independent international civil service, and collaboration between world organizations.
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