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Predator in a sentence

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Synonym: marauderpiranhapredatory animalvultureSimilar words: be considered aspredictsenatoreducatoroperatorelevatorregulatorindicatorMeaning: ['predətə(r)]  n. 1. someone who attacks in search of booty 2. any animal that lives by preying on other animals. 
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1. The arrival of this South American predator threatened the survival of native species.
2. The predator must become a repentant steward.
3. This arboreal lizard is a formidable predator.
4. Its body may be snaffled by a predator.
5. Even a predator as powerful as a tiger wants to avoid risk of damage to itself.
6. The role of the government agencies in predator control, after an incautious start, has been more or less responsible.
7. Ghost Owl An eerie nocturnal predator who flew on silent wings, feared throughout the world as a supernatural bird of ill-omen.
8. Insectivore molars from category 5 predator assemblages are even more dramatically digested.
9. If it can startle the predator in some way, there is a faint chance that the enemy may panic and flee.
10. Maybe one predator species notices only the colour, another only the shape, another only the texture, and so on.
11. Freezing is a widespread response to a predator alarm among many of the better camouflaged species.
12. Despite complete protection, including the extension of predator control beyond the boundaries of their reservation, the heath hens never recovered.
12. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
13. The presence of a large predator of fish is not in the least surprising.
14. On balance, however, the predator/prey theory of dinosaur endothermy does seem to be one of Bakker's stronger points.
15. One of the main differences between predator assemblages and those accumulated by other means results from the activity pattern of the predator.
16. That does not prevent Bigfoot from trouncing Predator and moving into the semifinals.
17. This compares with only three species in the predator assemblage, with 66 percent consisting of a single species.
18. It continues to do this until the predator is safely in pursuit and is moving farther and farther away from the nest.
19. In this way it gave the predator hope of an easy catch, something it could not resist.
20. The only large predator of the region with a deeply forked tail, except for the Black Kite.
21. In court, he was accused of being a merciless predator who had tricked his grandmother out of her savings.
22. The bird is caught on the horns of a dilemma. Should it attack the predator, even though it then risks its own life? Or should it get out while the going is good?
23. There are certain general observations that might favour the predator argument.
24. A dropped tail continues to wriggle, keeping the attention of the predator focused on it while the prey makes its escape.
25. For instance a gene may be successful through improving the running speed of a predator.
26. Help at hand Away with vine weevil Pippa Greenwood outwits this frustrating plant predator.
27. Among star performers was the Savoy Hotel where shares soared on the back of speculation that sometime predator Forte group was back.
28. If a bear suddenly appears, the goats head for precipitous ledges where the less agile predator can not follow.
29. All the above may be modified by: For each given size of predator there will be an optimum size of prey.
30. In general, however, bone breakage is less in owl bone assemblages than in those of other predator species.
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