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Nonexistent in a sentence

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Sentence count:84Posted:2017-01-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: listen topersistentexistconsistentdistentioninsistentlyconsistentlypreexistMeaning: ['nɑnɪg'zɪstənt /'nɒn-]  adj. 1. not having existence or being or actuality 2. not existing. 
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1) On a Sunday morning traffic was almost nonexistent.
2) With digital signals, though, the problem is almost nonexistent.
3) Her technique as a performer is practically nonexistent.
4) As for military assistance,[] it was nonexistent.
5) Petrol is nearly nonexistent too: deliveries are made in dray carts.
6) And so it went on: poor or nonexistent sanitation, overcrowded dormitories, dull and unappetising food, workhouse conditions.
7) Instead, the report emphasizes international agreements with nonexistent trickle-down planning.
8) And third, it takes time, an almost nonexistent commodity in most libraries today.
9) Steady jobs are almost nonexistent in remote parts of the country.
10) These links were weak or nonexistent in the Low Country, where most villages were identified with only one caste.
11) I gave up trying not to smile as we danced. It was too easy to lose myself in his eyes and arms. I wanted to move like this with him forever(, gliding across the gym floor to nonexistent music.
12) The danger apprehended that quack nostrums in public policy can be forced upon the voters by demagogues is demonstrably nonexistent.
13) But these were costly and often dangerous, since quality control was nonexistent.
14) And inequality of income is one reason inflation is nonexistent.
15) With governmental control of the food supply, railroads, and fuel, states' rights were virtually nonexistent in some areas.
16) The effective management of teaching staff has either been nonexistent, regarded as a low priority or actively denied.
17) Watch those test scores rise, those outdated textbooks morph, those nonexistent supplies suddenly materialize.
18) Ties between the woman and her daughters by a previous marriage were almost nonexistent, the neighbor said.
19) True, homicides are infrequent and gang warfare is almost nonexistent in a small town.
20) As it turns out, the Hare virus was practically nonexistent.
21) He gave the Cleavers and other sitcom families something that was nonexistent in the early prime-time era: bathrooms.
22) Bank of Tokyo said the former official made loans to a nonexistent customer and took the money.
23) Hilliard recalled that when the Black Panthers formed in 1966, black-on-black crime was virtually nonexistent.
24) For some unknown reason, racial riots during the Depression were almost nonexistent.
25) But any grounds for the House to consider that the appeal hearing was so defective as to require re-opening seem nonexistent.
26) Even if airline space is available, discounts likely will be nonexistent during this period.
27) The station telephone rang, a rarity in itself, since phone service on the island was virtually nonexistent.
28) Besides, the boundaries of the leprosarium were permeable, and surveillance at the federal level was almost nonexistent.
29) But checking with knowledgeable people at the Vermont Maple Laboratory, I found that the literature was practically nonexistent.
30) They then used the internet to obtain plausible specifications for their nonexistent product and put together a prospectus.
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