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Alleviation in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-08-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: variationradiationnegotiationallegationassociationappreciationrenunciationcollectionMeaning: [ə‚liːvɪ'eɪʃn]  n. 1. the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced 2. the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance). 
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1. Their energies were focussed on the alleviation of the refugees' misery.
2. Search for alleviation and cure is a very basic human reaction, as shrines from Lourdes to high-tech oncology clinics testify.
3. New committees were established on commodities, poverty alleviation, service sectors and economic co-operation among developing countries.
4. The prevention and the alleviation sheds the varicosity symptom.
5. The prevention and the alleviation sheds the phlebothrombosis.
6. For poverty alleviation loans, RMB 30 billion.
7. Promoting Fair wages, Job creation and poverty alleviation.
8. Increasing budgetary funds and loans for poverty alleviation.
9. This organization has been committed itself to poverty alleviation.
10. Standardizing the work of development - oriented poverty alleviation.
11. For poverty alleviation loans, 1994 -- now.
12. Results:80 % of the patients reached the haematological alleviation, 32 % of the patients occurred cytogenetical reaction.
13. Results The symptom alleviation rate and esophagitis gastroscope concrescence rate were not obviously different.
14. The best alleviation for overwhelming evils is to endure and bow to necessity .
15. Poverty alleviation has gone hand in hand with improvements in basic services.
16. Poverty alleviation and development efforts to develop labors xian work skills training.
17. It seemed to her a precious gift, far more than just an alleviation of present discomfort.
18. In addition, secondary prevention could also be applied to the alleviation of social and psychological difficulties which might lead to attempts.
19. Medical involvement was mainly in the background, but it included expert knowledge of abnormal neuromuscular function and its alleviation.
20. BOne of them is that sound economic management is a precursor, a necessary precondition for, poverty alleviation and growth.
21. If on the vehicle has equipped the side security aerocyst , may to attack the cushioning effect, the alleviation hit to the crew member forehead and the shoulder impulse, will thus injure falls lowly.
22. In order to meet the need of our country railroad's development, lucubration of tunnel aerodynamic effect's spread abroad rules and corresponding alleviation measure is very necessary.
23. At present the Chinese army personnel's tense question has certain alleviation, but vanguard Gusita abundant cannot resurface, frontal line score ability not strong question or inextricability .
24. The Communist system also has the philanthropic function of alleviation.
25. A sound base has been laid for the poverty alleviation work.
26. Responsibilities: In charge of agriculture, forestry, water affairs, stockbreeding, poverty alleviation, meteorology, population and family planning, civil affairs, tobacco, supply and marketing.
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27. It is suggested that the government-support measures and tools start from blood-transfusion poverty alleviation and switch to better blood-making function for poverty alleviation.
28. Fuel subsidies are often seen as a form of poverty alleviation.
29. The stomach cancer patient epigastrium ache, through will hold back will also have the alleviation.
30. Conclusion Psychological nursing may enhance the patient ache effectively the threshold of feeling value, achieves reduces or the alleviation ache effect.
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