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Incipient in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2016-08-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: beginninginitialintroductorySimilar words: recipientancientprincipleprincipalincidentclientlenientpatientMeaning: [ɪn'sɪpɪənt]  adj. only partly in existence; imperfectly formed. 
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1. John's incipient school problems were nipped in the bud.
2. The incipient bankrupts were almost as bad.
3. Costner, with his easy grin, incipient beer belly, thinning hair and bright devilish eyes, plays broken-down convincingly.
4. The incipient spouses are of course excited by the adventure, the new life, heralded by marriage.
5. Yet despite these incipient industrial concentrations, the economy of Piedmont remained overwhelmingly agrarian and rural.
6. He was on full wets, grappling with incipient understeer, while the Ferraris were using their intermediates to brilliant effect.
7. Duty and intake systems to detect incipient problems early and to provide a rapid response. 3.
8. A certain nervous expectation, incipient disappointment mitigated by professional Micawberism, is a more accurate description.
9. Some assiduously fill notebooks with writing: incipient novelists or thesis writers?
10. Some of the incipient school-to-work systems I visited had made only minimal changes to the school program.
11. During its incipient Asiatic stage, the Mormon state was not based on a large-scale hydraulic system.
12. In some fungi, there is evidence of incipient speciation.
13. The difference between liquefaction and incipient failure is clarified.
14. China's incipient rebound relies on a timeworn stimulus formula: upping the ante on infrastructure spending to support growth in anticipation of a return of global demand for Chinese-made goods.
15. The distinction between liquefaction and incipient failure has been clarified. Furthermore, a preliminary scheme of open-type effective stress dynamic analysis method is proposed.
16. Pneumococcus tympanitis (middle ear infection) the incipient symptoms are an earache, has a fever, as well as grasps the ear frequently.
17. She felt for him an incipient tenderness, but scarcely any passion.
18. signs of incipient unrest.
19. A bruised rib was taken for heart trouble, a headache for an incipient brain tumour.
20. I am pretty sure that these noises do not proceed from incipient compression failures.
21. However, it is not true to say that it is dangerous to apply the opposite rudder in an incipient spin.
22. In proposing a ban on strikes, the Soviet leadership therefore wished to nip the incipient labour movement in the bud.
23. The wind came howling down the street full of rain and incipient snow.
24. It was still tender from the soldier's abuse, but the pain helped her fight back incipient tears.
25. The infinitely small " dx " and " dy " were sometimes described as vanishing or incipient quantities.
26. Even on their own terms, demand-siders' skepticism about the incipient recovery is inconsistent with the curiously unreported fact that real disposable personal income has increasedsince last August.
27. The result prove that wavelet envelope spectrum method is able to detect rolling bearing fault efficiently, and it is a valid methods of incipient failure detection.
28. Ce - rhabdophane grains less than 10 μ m in diameter were discovered in goethite in incipient weathering sample.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. The LV zone is due to interstitial free volatiles and incipient melting.
30. Principal Component Analysis ( PCA ) was introduced in this paper for incipient fault diagnosis waste solid incinerator ( WSI ).
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