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Fatalism in a sentence

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Similar words: capitalismtranscendentalismindustrial capitalismfatalfemme fatalerealismvandalismjournalismMeaning: ['feɪtəlɪzm]  n. a philosophical doctrine holding that all events are predetermined in advance for all time and human beings are powerless to change them. 
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1 Do some oriental philosophies lean towards fatalism?
2 There is a mood of profound fatalism amongst party members.
3 There's a certain mood of fatalism now among the radicals.
4 This is one aspect of our fatalism and paralysis.
5 Malthus was burdened by a fatalism induced by fears of population growth and resource shortages.
6 David disliked this trait of Harriet's,( a fatalism that seemed so at odds with the rest of her.
7 A passive fatalism at the capriciousness and heavy-handedness of authority prevailed amongst the thirty-year men.
8 He experienced a sense of fatalism that kept fear at bay.
9 It breeds cynicism and fatalism, which some blamed for the failure of a referendum last month to reform the electoral system.
10 Do all Oriental philosophies lean towards fatalism?
11 Generally speaking, the Middle Ages accepted war with fatalism.
12 Fatalism is an excuse of the weak-willed.
13 That is really pagan fatalism.
14 Fatalism was Nadiensky's only refuge.
15 Do all Oriental philosophers lean towards fatalism?
16 Hegel s tragic view is a purposeful fatalism , which has been criticized by Cherlishifski.
17 Within this awareness there is both fatalism and intense emotion.
18 People who believe in fatalism think that human beings do not control their own destiny.
19 Mercy, mercy, mercy, he croaked, his first surrender to fatalism.
20 Briefly optimistic at the start, it did not take much for the fatalism to set in.
21 As Travis set her down on her good leg inside the hut she gave herself up to a sense of fatalism.
22 This has all to be seen in the context of the profound fatalism about life itself.
23 The quiet flatness of her voice was mirrored by the fatalism he saw in her eyes.
24 He was well-mannered and rather shy, schooled in respect by his Irish mother and reinforced in fatalism by his fervent Catholic faith.
25 Today's shows, with pedophilia and serial killers, have a dark fatalism in them, he notes, "something you would not have seen in 'Dragnet' or 'Kojak' all those years ago."
26 We possess a soul, a nonmaterial essence that escapes the rigid fatalism of matter.
27 Croft had none of the particular blend of pessimism and fatalism that Red and Brown felt.
28 One can experience through these paintings the reconciliation of determinism and contingency, fatalism and free will; as well as the palingenesis of order and chaos.
29 In his psychological state, it is not difficult to find the moral sensitivity, misanthropic mood , profound melancholy and the tendency of fatalism.
30 It's easy to find that Hester's thought is full of religious mistrial atmosphere and fatalism.
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