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Pluralism in a sentence

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Similar words: naturalistfederalismpastoralismvandalismparallelismmutualismsocialismjournalismMeaning: ['plʊrəlɪzm /-'plʊər-]  n. 1. a social organization in which diversity of racial or religious or ethnic or cultural groups is tolerated 2. the doctrine that reality consists of several basic substances or elements 3. the practice of one person holding more than one benefice at a time. 
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1. to adhere to pluralism.
2. They are committed to democracy, human rights and pluralism.
3. the philosophical doctrine of pluralism.
4. Left-inclined critics of pluralism reject this as inadequate.
5. Pluralism or membership of associations, he suggests, provides the individual with the participation lacking in a liberal democracy.
6. Pluralism on the other hand is unembarrassed by the existence of a plurality of important social divisions.
7. In this respect, his pluralism can be regarded as a more sophisticated version of monism.
8. Moral pluralism asserts the existence of a multitude of incompatible but morally valuable forms of life.
9. Political Pluralism and the Media Media analysis often arouses controversy, not just about the findings themselves but about their policy implications.
10. They wrestle with ways to reconcile pluralism with the absolute Truth of the Torah.
11. This pluralism in soccer took place at the same time greater political pluralism was occurring.
12. Governmental pluralism was not of course peculiar to the early modern period.
13. Institutions for change Rural development demands institutional pluralism and democratic participation.
14. On the Internet modernity and pluralism go hand in hand.
15. But how was this pluralism to be embodied in the electoral process?
16. After years of state control, the country is now moving towards political/religious/cultural pluralism.
17. Indeed many other art-historical givens have been rendered obsolete by pluralism and cultural diversity.
18. Rich countries increasingly use foreign aid as a lever to promote political pluralism and individual freedoms.
19. The new policy of openness has led to the abolition of censorship and to a welcome return to Leninist cultural pluralism.
20. Slowly[], back-scratching consensus might cede to the checks and balances of pluralism.
21. Its consequences are hostility to the strong state and vanguard party and sympathy with pluralism and perhaps forms of anarchism.
22. America is a great philosopher that preaches and practices social pluralism and ethnic or racial equality – in the midst of cultural prejudice and social discrimination. Dr T.P.Chia 
23. Many reformers now say it will take many years to achieve political pluralism.
24. In the Consultation the emerging model of organic union is a dialectic between unity and pluralism, between structures and life.
25. It is in fact not a doctrine of neutrality but of moral pluralism.
26. The Rush die scandal has exposed the weaknesses of any benign multiculturalism premised on the assumption of easy harmony and pluralism.
27. Callinicos' Marxism has been repelled from the ramparts of pluralism for being ... well, Marxist.
27. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
28. His confidants are throwbacks to the past, lukewarm at best to economic and political pluralism.
29. The assembly, charged with drawing up a new constitution, could pave the way for political pluralism.
30. The necessity for submission to greatness had now come to be placed in stark opposition to a scholarly pluralism.
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