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Fabricate in a sentence

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Sentence count:89Posted:2016-10-18Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: constructcook upinventmake upmanufactureSimilar words: fabricintricateindicatedelicateabdicatededicatevindicateeradicateMeaning: ['fæbrɪkeɪt]  v. 1. put together out of components or parts 2. make up something artificial or untrue. 
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31. Said that lie, to fabricate lie to up for 10, why?
32. Diamond is a material of negative electron affinity, which can be used to fabricate electron emitter in FED (DFED) to reduce the work function, hence reduce the working voltage.
33. Methods: 1. Electrostatic droplet technique was adopted to fabricate ACA microcapsules with chitosan of different molecular weights and in different membrane-forming time.
34. In this work an integrated system of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing specifically designed to fabricate affordable transparent face masks is discussed.
35. The experiment proves that the flexible-mould assisted RTM process can fabricate the composite component with a complicated internal structure. At last, some views on the further research are given.
36. Based on siphon principle and dynamic large cone chemical etching method, link them together organically to fabricate the optical fiber probes.
37. Screen printing technology has been improved to fabricate large area, carbon nanotube ( CNT ) field emission cathode.
38. It is a difficult problem to fabricate deep and small holes.
39. This paper describes the UV proximity printing method to fabricate micro-optical elements, such as microlens array, micro-waveguides and high numerical aperture microlens.
40. Our company is a modern one whose specially is to fabricate series products for automobile, such as ROCKER ARM, ROCKER SHAFT, CLUTCH LEVER , CLUTCH FORK, KING PIN KIT and etc.
41. Waveguide slot antenna is firm, but the cost is too high. The microstrip antenna is light, its cost is low and it is simple to fabricate, so it is a prior consideration at much time.
42. Fabricate frames, concealed stiffeners, reinforcement, edge channels, louvers and mouldings from either cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel.
43. A self-made directional solidification furnace was used to fabricate high purity aluminum(HPA) ingots,( and the morphology of grains was studied.
44. Can bring self imaginative faculty into play sufficiently in this a day , people , try one's best to fabricate out a little falsehood , go and tuning straightforward.
45. And your only option was to fabricate evidence and make me process it?
46. Finally, an unauthorized party might fabricate counterfeit objects for a computing system.
47. A novel method to fabricate microlens array was proposed. The microlens array was made of bichromate gelatine, exposed by coding gray tone mask and developed by protein enzyme solution.
48. The process is compatible to the existing double poly-silicon self-aligned NPN transistor process, which can be used to fabricate high-performance complementary bipolar circuits.
49. Fabricate a microstrip ring - split resonator, and that the experimental results good agreement with results is confirmed.
50. However, if the goal is to design and fabricate a cold fusion reactor in one year, your job of designing a system for measuring performance will be much more difficult.
51. In optical communication system, micro-polarizers are required to fabricate some miniature optical communication device (for example, micro-isolator).
52. The micropipette puller system designed in the paper can fabricate good cell injection pipette with high stability.
53. A new method to fabricate continuous deep relief microstructure with enzyme - etching silver halide gelatin is proposed.
54. The silicon brass was used to fabricate the covers of cooler in order to satisfy the requirements of resistant sea water corrosion[], high heat conductivity and enduring water pressure.
55. A novel method to fabricate optical matrix switch based on polarization is presented, by controlling polarization states of signal beams to obtain non blocking cross connect.
56. The purpose of this research is to fabricate an optimum vehicle air conditioning system of a real vehicle for both comfort and windshield defog in rainy days.
57. A novel route-reactive crystallization technology, directly mixing fluormica crystals with soda-lime glass powder and sintering, was proposed to fabricate machinable fluoramphibole glass-ceramics.
58. Particle - dispersed is a mostly - used method to fabricate ceramic composites.
59. Abdolvand aims to fabricate a range of metal-glass composites, including silver-ion implanted and silver-nanoparticle implanted glasses.
60. Then the writing machine is able to fabricate such a mask with this kind of file.
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