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Egocentric in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-11-11Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: egoistegoisticegoisticalself-centeredself-centredSimilar words: intricatecentralconcentrateconcentratingconcentrationconcentrate ontrickstrictMeaning: [‚egəʊ'sentrɪk]  n. a self-centered person with little regard for others. adj. limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. 
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(1) Babies are entirely egocentric, concerned only with when they will next be fed.
(2) He was egocentric, a man of impulse who expected those around him to serve him.
(3) I thought it was forgivable, egocentric but forgivable.
(4) Fox plays an egocentric movie star.
(5) Others, like dreams of fame or wealth, are egocentric.
(6) We have already seen that egocentric speech prevalent early in the preoperational stage has social aspects.
(7) Older children are less egocentric than younger ones, and more willing to accept other people's ideas.
(8) Young children's egocentric behaviour is assimilation since they are incapable of seeing anything except from their own point of view.
(9) Sometimes charming, he could also be egocentric to the point of megalomania.
(10) The adolescent is emboldened with an egocentric belief in the omnipotence of logical thought.
(11) The sensorimotor child is initially egocentric in that he lacks differentiation between the self as an object and other objects.
(12) It was indicative of Franco's childishly egocentric view of politics that he now chose to ignore Allied overtures.
(13) Still, the egocentric child typically lacks any appreciation or knowledge of the game from a social point of view.
(14) But some accidents happen because of their egocentric tendency to think of themselves as invulnerable.
(15) She is an egocentric, angry, combative woman spoiling for a fight.
(16) He is egocentric and never considers others.
(17) Throughout his school life Darius was tactless and egocentric.
(18) I think the trouble lies in people's egocentric way of thinking, and what's your opinion?
(19) Along with this comes a fading of the egocentric self that is generating all of this psychical clutter.
(20) The problem here lies in the fact that toddlers are egocentric.
(21) With this awareness, children begin to accommodate to others, and egocentric thought begins to give way to social pressure.
(22) The most extreme form of dramatic playing would be egocentric play.
(23) The point here is that early preoperational children typically use relatively more egocentric speech than older children.
(24) He was a man of undoubted genius, but bad-tempered, egocentric, and impossible to live with.
(25) In the book and the film Mr Suharto appears egocentric and opinionated.
(26) With the development of concrete operations, language becomes less egocentric.
(27) The great need, in his view, is to cultivate selfless or detached action to the exclusion of egocentric activity.
(28) The earlier humanitarian Ahab no longer concerns himself with humanity but devotes himself to his own egocentric desires.
(29) The special relationships of the world are destructive, selfish and childishly egocentric.
(30) “Woman on the Beach” (2006, Hong Sang-soo): A filmmaker dramatizes, with a scathing and comic self-deprecation, the egocentric romantic turbulence on which his art is nourished.
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