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Electricity in a sentence

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Synonym: electrical energySimilar words: electricelectricalelectronicelectronicselectroplatingpublicityelectselectMeaning: [‚ɪlek'trɪsətɪ]  n. 1. a physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons 2. energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor 3. keen and shared excitement. 
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1. That was in the days before electricity was available at the flick of a switch .
2. Don't leave the lights on it wastes electricity.
3. Electricity companies pay a premium for renewable energy.
4. The electricity failed and the whole city was blacked out.
5. Gas-fired electricity is cheaper than coal.
6. Computers account for 5% of the country'scommercial electricity consumption.
7. Words like "bag","dog","nurse","electricity", and "wood"are all nouns.
8. The electricity industry consumes large amounts of fossil fuels.
9. She wanted to change over from gas to electricity for her cooking.
10. Lightning is caused by clouds discharging electricity.
11. He was there to read the electricity meter.
12. Our electricity bills are higher than we can afford we must start to economize.
13. The electricity supply here is quite erratic.
14. After the storm we were without electricity for five days.
15. The town is without electricity and the water supply has been cut off.
16. Do you use electricity for cooking?
17. Electricity lines to 30,000 homes were gradually being restored yesterday.
18. Electricity, gas and water were considered to be natural monopolies.
19. This kind of machine works by electricity.
20. They used electricity from a plug in the garage.
21. Hot water is converted to electricity by a turbine.
22. A wire charged with electricity is called a live wire.
23. The machinery is driven by electricity.
24. He is using your mains electricity to recharge his car battery.
25. Electrons are negatively charged with electricity.
26. We run the washing machine at night because off-peak electricity is much cheaper.
27. Many people are living in encampments around the city with no electricity or running water.
28. I didn't find the prospect of a house with no electricity very alluring.
29. Dad's got a bee in his bonnet about saving electricity.
30. If you suspect a gas leak do not strike a match or use electricity.
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