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Contrite in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2016-11-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: penitentregretfulsorrySimilar words: contributecontributorcontribute tocontributionon the contraryThe last ritescontrolcontraryMeaning: ['kɒntraɪt]  adj. 1. feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses 2. feeling regret for a fault or offence. 
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1. She was contrite the morning after her angry outburst.
2. Her expression was contrite.
3. He looked so contrite that for a moment she nearly believed he really was sorry about what he had said.
4. I tried to look contrite.
5. Another kid might be contrite or repentant or maybe subdued.
6. Mercy should be shown to the contrite, but the community needed to be reassured that the contrition was genuine.
7. His touch was contrite, perhaps ashamed, but running hot beneath its gentleness.
8. Immediately contrite, Mike crouched by Adam and lifted his head: it lolled sideways.
9. Barry Stewart, defending, said Siddle was contrite and ashamed at what he had done.
10. She was not contrite or sorry or any of the things she should have been.
11. We are chagrined, we are contrite and we are genuinely grateful to you for correcting us.
12. Her tone was contrite and I thought Puddy was going to get all choked up.
13. A few days later, I received a contrite telephone call from the store, saying there had been a mistake.
14. Contrite, she backed off, collecting a change of clothes from her bag.
15. The look she gave Anna was guilty and contrite.
16. It was a contrite little note from Sue.
17. The sorrow of a contrite heart.
18. The sorrow of a contrite Listent.
19. She must be humble and contrite.
20. He made a contrite apology.
21. She assumed a contrite expression.
22. He was to be contrite and wish to be reconciled.
23. This week a contrite Mr Lee said he would listen to the public's concerns.
24. I came too late a contrite Mr Ma told survivors.
25. Red-face and contrite , I ask your indulgence and offer you my personal assurance of better service in the future . With best regards .
26. God gives the gospel to make contrite sinners confident of salvation and eternal life.
27. Grimly, Auguste marched back through the tent into the kitchen, with a contrite Boris trailing behind.
28. Charles, whose divorce from his wife, Diana, becomes effective August 26, is described as a contrite character.
29. As to all the rest, he was humble and contrite.
30. When left, sometimes we could not turn around and go away chicly but felt reluctant and even began to feel contrite at the first minute when we made the decision.
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