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Desiccant in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: drierdrying agentsicativeSimilar words: desiredesistdesignbesidesdesignsdesign fordesignerhomesicknessMeaning: n. a substance that promotes drying (e.g., calcium oxide absorbs water and is used to remove moisture). 
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1. Fifthly, to ink formulation should use desiccant cobalt class.
2. Desiccant dryers will trap oil but at what cost?
3. Condiment package Suitable:various condiment packaging, desiccant and deoxygenation agent.
4. Desiccant - Desiccant and dehumidification supplier from China.
5. From the increase in the weight of the desiccant the absolute humidity can be determined.
6. Regenerator is a crucial component in the liquid desiccant air conditioning system.
7. Store humidity indicator cards in original container with desiccant and keep sealed.
8. Our main products are: Humidity indicator cards, Desiccant bag, Desiccant dry card, Anti-static aluminum foil bag, Sulfur free paper, Antistatic sulfur free gloves, etc.
9. Chuyang agents, desiccant, preservation of manufacturing and selling agent ; With food sales.
10. and/or the volume of the enclosed space the desiccant will be placed in.
11. Firstly, the six constituents ascatalyzer, carbonifier, desiccant , fillers and additives of intumescent flame - retardant coating were summarized.
12. Renewable air dry friction between the desiccant particles of dust into subtle is the source of desiccant dust.
13. Comprehensively analysing various dehumidifying methods, considers liquid desiccant dehumidification feasible to realize independent humidity control.
14. It can automatically cut the belted desiccant and fill it into the container accurately and speedily.
15. This type of desiccant is usually referred to as the best in the desiccant.
16. A novel two stage desiccant cooling system adopting newly developed silica gel - haloid composite desiccant is proposed.
17. The desiccant can be reused simply by heating it up to boil off the water it's absorbed.
18. This bag is a desiccant and its major ingredient is caustic lime.
19. Conclusion Chemical eye burn caused by desiccant were alkaliburn with grave consequences.
20. Generally speaking, water - absorbing materials can all be used as a desiccant.
21. Packing materials usually include carton box, ESD bag, tray, tube, bubble wrap, label, desiccant, etc.
22. Since its introduction in agriculture in 1962, paraquat ( PQ ) used as desiccant and defoliant has caused thousands of deaths in humans from both accidental and voluntary exposure.
23. The timer circuits in accordance with the prescribed time interval control online and offline tower, thus make the switch of dry air and desiccant can continuously regeneration.
24. Diquat is a non - selective contact herbicide and desiccant , developed by ICI Plant Protection Division ( now Agrochemicals ).
25. Before reuse, the moisture in the recycled air is removed by desiccant.
26. Sea salt Quartet packaging supplies factory is specialized in producing all types of - proof, anti - mildew desiccant enterprises.
27. These goods are susceptible to water, remember to add a desiccant when you store them.
28. Applications based on the heat exchange efficiency of the method of calculating the establishment of the surface cooler model, combined with two-phase loop thermosyphon model desiccant system model.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. My cat, dog, child, wife, husband or myself just ate the desiccant, should I be worried?
30. A drug container with no need to peel a gas-barrier film or with no need to contain a desiccant, an oxygen absorbent or the like, in which the contents therein can be seen by the naked eyes.
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