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Pin in a sentence

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Synonym: claspclipfastenhookSimilar words: pinkspinpinespinedampingdippingchoppingdevelopingMeaning: [pɪn]  n. 1. a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment 2. when a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat 3. small markers inserted into a surface to mark scores or define locations etc. 4. a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts 5. informal terms of the leg 6. axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns 7. cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs; when they are aligned with a key the bolt can be thrown 8. flagpole used to mark the position of the hole on a golf green 9. a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things 10. a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing 11. a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target. v. 1. to hold fast or prevent from moving 2. attach or fasten with pins 3. pierce with a pin 4. immobilize a piece. 
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1. See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck; see a pin and let it lie, bad luck you'll have all day. 
2. Prick holes in the paper with a pin.
3. Pin the pictures together so you don't lose them.
4. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough.
5. You can push the pin in with your thumb.
6. She'd do anything for a bit of pin money.
7. Pin the lining to the outer fabric.
8. It has taken until now to pin down its exact location.
9. Dad took a pin and pinned the flower to her coat.
10. The dressmaker used a pin to fasten the pattern to the cloth.
11. The balloon will pop if you put a pin in it.
12. A safety pin has a metal covering over the pointed end.
13. Hold still a minute while I pin your dress up.
14. We shall have to pin him down to his promise.
15. We should use our secondary forces to pin down several enemy columns.
16. You can't pin the blame on her - she wasn't even there when the accident happened.
17. The blacksmith picked a lock with a pin.
18. We can't pin down where the leak came from.
19. Lightly flour a rolling pin.
20. He popped the balloon with a pin.
21. She wore the pin in plain sight.
22. They're trying to pin the murder on the boyfriend.
23. Pin all the pieces of material together.
24. Can you pin this to the notice board?
25. Pin the bills together so you don't lose them.
26. The ball stopped five feet short of the pin.
27. The flavour was hard to pin down.
28. Don't try to pin the blame on me!
29. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
30. When you go to the palace to receive your Military Cross,( the Queen herself will pin it on.
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