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Calculation in a sentence

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Sentence count:300+15 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: computationcomputingdeliberationfiguringreckoningSimilar words: calculatespeculationregulationpopulationrelationviolationisolationinflationMeaning: [‚kælkjʊ'leɪʃn]  n. 1. the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods 2. problem solving that involves numbers or quantities 3. planning something carefully and intentionally. 
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1. There's an error in your calculation.
2. Perhaps you have made a mistake in your calculation.
3. Your calculation is way off beam.
4. I spent hours doing that calculation and I still got the answer wrong.
5. Leonard made a rapid calculation: he'd never make it in time.
6. We cannot make a precise calculation of the price until we have all the costs.
7. did I go wrong in my calculation?
8. The calculation was difficult, but we finally cracked it.
9. She did a rapid calculation in her head.
10. His actions were clearly the result of deliberate calculation.
11. Our guess was confirmed by calculation.
12. That little mistake has put the whole calculation out.
13. Her calculation was out by several orders of magnitude.
14. How did your calculation arrive at this figure?
15. He is quick at calculation.
16. She made a rough estimate/calculation of the likely cost.
17. It took us two hours to complete the calculation, so we logged off at 4 o 'clock.
18. His calculation was correct.Sentencedict
19. Even a rough calculation shows that you have spent too much.
20. After much calculation they decided to give him the position of manager.
21. By my calculation, we made a profit of £20 000 last year.
22. We used different methods of calculation, but we both got the same result.
23. He is absorbed in the calculation of that difficult maths problem.
24. A student over sixteen reckons as two under eleven in the calculation of school building costs.
25. The cost of the film and the processing were all accounted for in the calculation of the cost of the service.
26. These days, scientists use computers to help them to get out the difficult calculation concerned with space travel.
27. They found their computers producing different results from exactly the same calculation.
28. The machine will print out the results of the calculation and the names of suitable books on this subject.
29. The machine will read out the result of the calculation.
30. This new computer will read out the results of the calculation in 0.001 second.
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