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Late in a sentence

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Synonym: behindslowtardyAntonym: earlySimilar words: platelaterrelatelatelyisolateviolaterelatedpercolateMeaning: [leɪt] adj. 1. being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time 2. after the expected or usual time; delayed 3. of the immediate past or just previous to the present time 4. having died recently 5. of a later stage in the development of a language or literature; used especially of dead languages 6. at or toward an end or late period or stage of development 7. (used especially of persons) of the immediate past. adv. 1. later than usual or than expected 2. to an advanced time 3. at an advanced age or stage 4. in the recent past. 
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1. It is too late to lock the stable door when the steed is stolen. 
2. It is never too late to mend. 
3. Frugality when all is spent comes too late
4. When guns speak it is too late to argue. 
5. Good counsel never comes too late
6. Never too old (or late) to learn. 
7. Marry too soon, and you’ll repent too late
8. It is too late to shut the stable door after the horse has been stolen. 
9. It is too late to husband [spare] when all is spent. 
10. It is too late to shut the stable door when the steed is stolen. 
11. It is too late to come with the water when the house is burnt down. 
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12. It is good to marry late or never. 
13. It is too late to cast anchor when the ship is on the rock. 
14. It is too late to lock the stable door when the horse is stolen. 
15. It is too late to grieve when the chance is past. 
16. Ill news never comes too late
17. It is never too late to learn. 
18. Every time John is late getting home he trumps up some new excuse.
19. Sorry I'm late, I didn't count on being held up in the traffic.
20. Hurry up, you're late for your call.You've been knocked on!
21. The meeting extended late into the night.
22. Did you go to bed late last night?
23. Did you stay up late last night?
24. We've fallen into the habit of getting up late on Saturday mornings.
25. it's never too late to mend.
26. We stayed up late to see the film on television.
27. It's late in the day to think of a change of plan when we've already ordered the materials.
28. There's no need to take that tone with me-it's not my fault we're late.
29. Current economic activity is markedly slower than during the go-go years of the mid to late 1980s.
30. I got a puncture on the way and arrived late.
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