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Remnant in a sentence

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Sentence count:98Posted:2017-01-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: balanceleftoverremainsresidueSimilar words: tenantstagnantcovenantruminantpregnantresonantdominantindignantMeaning: ['remnənt]  n. 1. a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists 2. a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold. 
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1. Their outdated attitudes are a remnant from colonial days.
2. She was a remnant from my predecessor, Taylor.
3. Residence permits are a remnant of Stalin's dictatorship.
4. A few living jawless fish are the only remnant of this ancient group, and they are highly specialized forms.
5. But a remnant of caution urged that she tone it down, after all, Lucy ... She began.
6. In the early nineties remnant of the old gold rushes, the worlds energy companies rushed to Baku.
7. He dropped the remnant carcase of his prey and pushed up into the fresh morning sky.
8. The last remnant of Birmingham Heath was enclosed in 1799, and was built over forthwith with eight new streets.
9. Our bottle of water, that remnant of respect for the old days, lay untouched on the seat.
10. Its rocks are filled with ancient charcoal, the remnant of a forgotten firestorm.
11. But in the truncated remnant that had been Maryland, the federal government just grew and grew.
12. As possibly the sole surviving remnant of the Dragon empire it surely deserves some backing from the industry.
13. Stem erect, solid, striate, base clothedinfibrous remnant sheaths.
14. I will sell this remnant to you, at cost.
15. There's the remnant of satin she stole.
16. We saw, a youth has not consciousness remnant dream.
17. Wisdom teeth are another vestigial remnant.
18. This is a remnant of opportunism.
19. The sum exceeded the remnant of his savings(Samuel Butler.
20. The remnant nebular gas pervades the interplanetary space.
21. Another colonial remnant is the train station of Tabora.
22. Painterly theory follows with respect to remnant canvas if wanting to learn.
23. Briefly,( the perfused preparation consisted of pancreas with a small remnant of duodenum according to the method as described elsewhere.
24. They can also be distinguished by their almost globular shape and the long protruding remnant of the style sticking out on top.
25. But they were also to swear to root out every remnant of the old religion.
26. In recent years there have been reports of a small remnant population in New Brunswick.
27. The two staircases that are situated just a couple of yards from each other are another curious remnant from the past.
28. If you ask tourists(, the alleyways are a quaint remnant of old Chinatown.
29. At the base there is a locally derived ground moraine that may be a remnant glacial deposit of much greater antiquity.
30. That is about the size of a typical white dwarf, the remnant left behind after the death of a normal star.
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