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Deftly in a sentence

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Sentence count:54+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dexterouslydextrouslySimilar words: softlydeftleftbe leftleft wingdefydeferdefuseMeaning: adv. 1. with dexterity; in a dexterous manner 2. in a deft manner. 
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1. She deftly wove the flowers into a garland.
2. They deftly avoided answering my questions.
3. I threw her a towel which she deftly caught.
4. He picked each lock deftly, and rifled the papers within each drawer.
5. He deftly folded the typed sheets and replaced them in the envelope.
6. It was wonderful to watch her fingers moving deftly and unerringly.
7. One of the waiting servants deftly caught him as he fell.
8. Hans deftly ducked their blows.
9. Nell Gwynn played her cards more deftly.
10. He deftly turned her to face him, and took her in his arms(, drawing her close because of the crowds.
11. He can move deftly from an almost conversational tone to a whisper.
12. He deftly explains how many seemingly pleasant private decisions lead to distinctly unpleasant public results, such as increased economic segregation.
13. By so deftly invoking these and other contexts, Polanski opens up a free space.
14. Every derangement of the page-space deftly mimes the current derangement of the house-space in the narrative.
15. Deftly, he cut four thick slices from the granary loaf, then began his search for the cheese.
16. But Fernandez moves his performers deftly; he finds choreographic solutions in which to animate all that attitude.
17. He sees himself crossing the road - deftly, like a native, knowing exactly which way to look for the traffic.
17. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
18. The veal was lusciously succulent and deftly soaked up the extraordinary flavors of the mushroom reduction and barely tart cherries.
19. But unlike microlights they can cope deftly with the most terrifying low-level turbulence.
20. She had crossed this road before, deftly robbing Peter to slip a rubber cheque into Paul's back pocket.
21. But Phillips' gift is in deftly leavening bathos with pathos.
22. The Picketts dance deftly, two-stepping through songs not made for a southern accent.
23. It cockily waited up for them, then deftly sidestepped as the three came near it once again.
24. Marshall deftly provides her characters with options and opportunities to behave well.
25. Apanage deftly drew the bottle away from the empty net and inserted a magical cork into its neck.
26. The manager was waiting for her at the desk, deftly fidgeting with a half-stuffed peregrine falcon.
27. Edwin was long on charm but short on substance, was the feeling; he told tales a bit too deftly.
28. Murray cut a small neat slice and put it deftly on her plate.
29. By shifting blame to their consumers, these industries have deftly evaded financial accountability for unsafe products and irresponsible marketing.
30. He stood and the blonde head moved down his body, the scarlet nails deftly worked his trousers loose.
More similar words: softlydeftleftbe leftleft wingdefydeferdefusedefamedefectdefacedefiledefeatdefinedefenddeficitdefiantdefensedeflectde factodefunctdefaceddefenderdeflateddefeateddefiancedefinitedefendantdeferencedeflation
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