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Chromatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:118Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: achromaticautomaticdiplomaticautomaticallymathematicsromanticdogmaticdramaticMeaning: [krəʊ'mætɪk]  adj. 1. able to refract light without spectral color separation 2. based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones 3. being or having or characterized by hue. 
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31. Chromatic features have been weightily and widely applied to the recognition systems of color images.
32. The work is concluded by an extended coda in which chromatic contrapuntal interplay among the voices are supported by a steady funeral-march drone.
33. Let G be a simple graph and P ( G , ? ? ) denote the chromatic polynomial of G.
34. The method assure the quality of half toning dot printing on fabrics because of calculating color difference and chromatic aberration accurately.
35. Red , yellow and blue are the basic hues from which all others on the chromatic scale can be made by mixture.
36. The adjacent vertex distinguishing total chromatic number is obtained for the flower graph.
37. After a year in ashen Paris, he was in a chromatic delirium.
38. The chromatic dispersion, cutoff wavelength, mode field radius and tolerance of a structural design of dispersion-flattened single-mode fiber are calculated and discussed.
39. Also analysising the joint localization of multi - CCD and CCD chromatic aberration, proposed the corresponding algorithm.
40. The parameter is obtained through digital image processing techniques such as the morphologic and chromatic features of karyon, the removing and filling-up methods of black region, and so on.
41. As the solarise chromatic over the horizon, I went out to savor the loveliness of the grassland landscape.
42. From the Helmholtz equation, the optical field analytical expression of an ultrashort pulse propagating through a small aperture lens was acquired with chromatic and spherical aberration.
43. The company now has five multi-color intaglio printing machine and a hot transfer printed cloth production lines,( printing chromatic number to seven-color maximum.
44. The effect of papermaking process on the chromatic aberration of reversible thermochromic anti - counterfeiting paper was investigated.
45. The lateral chromatic aberration must be corrected during designing optical system.
46. The removal of the chromatic aberration is then of primary importance.
47. The basic principle for measuring shock waves, by a piezoelectric sensor mounted on an air gap type Hopkinson rod with chromatic dispersion effect is described.
48. Tomorrow is an Easter, the big wolf of ash connect an egg didn't, the egg of a fortiori chromatic color, he become sad.
49. Atmospheric refraction anti atmospheric chromatic dispersion values were calculated through numerical iteration based on the segmented linear model of vertical atmospheric temperature profile.
50. Screen phosphor chromatic range greater than the ink color on paper.
51. The edge chromatic number of join graph with fan and complete balanced bipartite graph was obtained.
52. The expressions of the chromatic function and the chromatic weight polynomial of a P-graph about a permutation group H are established[], de Bruijn s Theorem follows from th.
53. One of the principal advantages of the reflecting glass is its complete freedom from chromatic aberration.
54. This equipment does not have chromatic screen, also did not touch screen.
55. By discussing two different conditions of double-cycles graph, chromatic polynomial on double-cycles graph is solved.
56. The synthetic conditions and the chromatic mechanism of the peacock blue colouring is discussed importantly in this article.
57. Chromatic Aberration -- usually associated with objective lenses of refractor telescopes, is the failure of a lens to bring light of different wavelengths (colors) to a common focus.
58. Aluminium alloy material basically has dichromatic , it is silvery white, it is dark brown, also appeared now nevertheless chromatic aluminium alloy, its main use is door window material.
59. Corrected for both chromatic and spherical aberration, as a lens.
60. Therefore, a strategy has been proposed for discrimination of exfoliative cells in sputum smears based on chromatic features.
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