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Douse in a sentence

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Sentence count:25+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-26Updated:2017-01-26
Synonym: dipdunkextinguishimmersequenchSimilar words: hazardoustremendousdourdo updoughhand outdoubthold outMeaning: [daʊs]  v. 1. put out, as of a candle or a light 2. wet thoroughly 3. dip into a liquid 4. immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate 5. lower quickly 6. slacken 7. cover with liquid; pour liquid onto. 
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1. Fire crews worked to douse hot spots left by two fires that consumed acres of forest.
2. You just sit on the ground, chant, douse yourself with gasoline and light a match.
3. The alchemist would burn incense and douse himself in specially prepared perfumes before carrying out his experiments.
4. Fire fighters were battling at the weekend to douse fires in the north of the region that cloaked the town of Nizhny Novgorod, the regional capital, in smoke.
5. Celebrants in the Water Festival douse each other with water by whatever means are available.
6. Douse him in oil by killing a Pyro within 5 meters of him.
7. Competitors quickly tried to douse another conflagration of iPhone hype.
8. Blow Torch – Prefers targets that have been doused (see above) and always follows shortly after his douse skill.
9. Or will the shadows of her past douse the lamps of hope?
10. The authorities blamed'technical problems'for the decision to douse the flame.
11. Americans like pleasant scents , and douse them - selves and their personal products liberally with per - fume.
12. You wanna just douse me in steak sauce before I go to my room?
13. Douse – Pyro says: "Beneath your armor you are just flesh and bone..." and squirts a random target with a highly flammable oil.
14. The pumps were started and the crew began to douse the fire with water.
15. Men came with buckets of water and began to douse the flames.
16. They rushed past us with buckets of water and tried to douse the flames .
17. David Cottis, London At what point does breeze fan a flame rather than douse it?
18. At the first watering place they jumped from the open wagons and rushed to douse their burning clothes.
19. The youngsters, aged 12 and six,[] were unable to douse the flames and Paul Griffiths died in hospital.
20. He dropped a lighted match in his lap, tried to douse the flames with brandy, and turned into a fireball.
21. An over-clumsy turn of the flame adjuster towards the low heat setting can douse the flame.
22. In Greece, fire - fighters are using water - dropping planes to douse blazes on the island of Samos.
23. Unfortunately, no one cautions Maia about her nasty, xenophobic cousins, who douse the house in bug spray and forbid her from venturing beyond their coiffed compound.
24. To locate ( underground water or minerals ) with a divining rod ; douse.
25. When changing water, should will base ministry already Biedermeier cut is cut go one part, again douse .
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