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Stifling in a sentence

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Synonym: crushingquellingsulfuroussulphuroussultrysuppressionSimilar words: linguisticflintstifftestifymastiffjustifyjustifiedmystifiedMeaning: ['staɪflɪŋ]  n. forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority. adj. characterized by oppressive heat and humidity. 
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1. He was killed by stifling.
2. The stifling heat of the little room was beginning to make me nauseous.
3. We were stifling in that hot room with all the windows closed.
4. Teachers have been attacked for stifling creativity in their pupils.
5. 'It's stifling in here-can we open a window?'
6. Several hundred people were crammed into the stifling room.
7. Despair hangs heavy in the stifling air.
8. I felt I was stifling in the airless room.
9. We should be encouraging new ideas, not stifling them.
10. At 25, she found family life stifling.
11. It's stifling in here; open a window!
12. I can't bear this stifling humidity.
13. The heat in the narrow packed streets was stifling.
14. The room was stifling hot.
15. He was still stifling his baby sister's cries.
16. A clever way of stifling discussion and few could have done it so well.
17. It was difficult to work in the stifling heat of the warehouse.
18. We were well aware of him stifling cries of pain, but there was nothing for it but to proceed.
19. At one, in the stifling heat, we took a siesta.
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20. With the way she had carried on smiling, stifling the grief, putting on her brave face to the world?
21. Life at home with her parents and two sisters was stifling.
22. Although many students adored Albers, others found him inflexible and stifling.
23. Some one brusquely pulled the headscarf down over her face, stifling her cry, cutting off her vision.
24. The people have the spirit to overthrow oppression, but their imagination can't yet cope with overturning their stifling bureaucracy.
25. She remained a whole day and night in that stifling environment, yet remained unharmed.
26. Her face seemed ageless in the dim light, and she was stifling shivers.
27. The dark red and damson robes were heavy and stifling and they could not possibly be what she was looking for.
28. By then I had stepped outside to get some fresh air, away from the stifling smoke and heat of the temple.
29. However, for the present, these characteristics are largely contained within the stifling constraints of the music industry's commodity forms.
30. Despite the fact that it was October and cool in the mountains, the heat in the small space was stifling.
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