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Blood vessel in a sentence

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Sentence count:148Posted:2016-12-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vesselbloodyblood clotfloodthemselvesassessdessertfinesseMeaning: n. a vessel in which blood circulates. 
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1) The rupture of a blood vessel usually cause the mark of a bruise.
2) The doctor burst a blood vessel.
3) He almost broke a blood vessel from laughing so hard.
4) He burst a blood vessel in a fit of coughing.
5) A blood vessel ruptured.
6) Mum almost burst a blood vessel when I told her what happened.
7) A stroke is often caused when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures.
8) If a blood vessel in your leg were to rupture, the leg would just swell up.
9) If the plaque blocks a blood vessel, a heart attack or stroke can occur.
10) The doctor said a blood vessel in the right lung had burst.
11) It has many little blood vessel, proliferous and rapid.
12) Bone fracture merge blood vessel neurotrosis.
13) Ventral blood vessel of epiploon got ruptured.
14) Obstruction or occlusion of a blood vessel an embolus.
15) Don't be so angry ! You'll burst a blood vessel.
16) Aiming at the bad performance of existing retinal blood vessel segmentation methods for small and low contrast vessels,[ vessel.html] a new segmentation method based on transition region extraction is proposed.
17) He was well beaten and in a later race broke a blood vessel.
18) But an inquest heard that the rupture in the blood vessel was not caused by the operation.
19) A Flight Lieutenant underwent surgery to repair a broken blood vessel in the brain.
20) If the underlying cause persists, however, then a suffocating blanket of activated lymphocytes surrounds every new blood vessel.
21) Just as in a bruise under the skin, a blood vessel in the brain can leak.
22) On the Loose After passing through the liver, you exit into a nearby blood vessel.
23) The most critical is a life-threatening weakness in the aorta -- the major blood vessel from the heart.
24) An oval drill head was attached to a flexible wire and threaded into a blood vessel in his leg.
25) Objective To verify the effect of Evans blue dye on determining the retina blood vessel leakage.
26) Objective To explore the effect of estrogen on the permeability of retinal blood vessel by ovariectomy.
27) Objective: To observe the influence of 23- hydroxyl betulinic acid(23-HBA) on the proliferative, migratory ability and morphological change of blood vessel endothelial cell line ECV-304.
28) Results: There were differences between volume density (Vv), surface density (Sv) and length density (Lv) of blood vessel of grey and white matter inside spinal cord. Conclusion: Volume...
29) Conclusion The provisional bypass technique can provide effective circulation as early as possible, acting as a convenient and effective method to cure main blood vessel injury in limbs.
30) It has the functions in reduce blood fat, decrease blood pressure, anti-tumour, enhance immune system, sedative, acesodyne, protect heart, liver and blood vessel.
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