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Warn in a sentence

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Sentence count:184+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: advisealertcautionforebodegive noticeinformmenacenotifythreatenSimilar words: warningearly warningbarnlearnearningslearn fromwarat warMeaning: [wɔrn /wɔːn] v. 1. notify of danger, potential harm, or risk 2. admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior 3. ask to go away 4. notify, usually in advance. 
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1 Signs across the entrances warn all visitors to stub out their cigarettes.
2 It seems only right to warn you of the risk.
3 It's common courtesy to warn your neighbours if your children are going to have a party.
4 I'll run ahead and warn them.
5 I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen.
6 I should warn you in advance that I'm not a very good dancer.
7 I must warn you against raising your hopes.
8 They are leading a campaign to warn teenagers about the dangers of drug abuse.
9 I tried to warn her,( but she wouldn't listen.
10 If you warn me in advance, I will have your order ready for you.
11 I have to warn you that his motives have lain hidden.
12 The computer is programmed to warn users before information is deleted.
13 The snake's markings are intended to warn away predators.
14 I thought I should warn her about it.
15 It's still on my conscience that I didn't warn him in time.
16 I must warn you that some of these animals are extremely dangerous.
17 Economists warn that enormous pressures could build up, forcing people to emigrate westwards.
18 I must warn you that any mention of Clare agitates your grandmother.
19 I'd be shirking my duty if I didn't warn him.
20 It's your decision, but I warn you - you're making a mistake .
21 She claimed doctors had failed to warn her of the risks involved.
22 I warn them not to do it, but my objections were set aside.
23 Did he warn you that he might be late?
24 No one can say I didn't warn you.
25 Doctors are failing in their duty if they do not warn their patients of the dangers.
26 Lawrence kept on butting me but the referee did not warn him.
27 I had to be cruel to be kind and warn him that he'd lose his job if he didn't improve his performance.
28 Sir Richard Doll, the epidemiologist who discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer in the 1960s, will this week warn that children living near electricity power lines are at an increased risk from leukaemia.
29 One of them would keep a look-out on the road behind to warn us of approaching vehicles.
30 If you can't arrive there on time, you should warn them.
More similar words: warningearly warningbarnlearnearningslearn fromwarat warawardwarm uptowardwarmthpost-warsoftwarewarriorwarehousehardwarebe aware ofawarenessput forwardafterwardbring forwardlook forward toupwardly mobile
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