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Assess in a sentence

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Synonym: appraiseevaluatemeasuretaxvaluatevalueSimilar words: assessmentassetassertsessionvesselassembleassemblydessertMeaning: [ə'ses]  v. 1. place a value on; judge the worth of something 2. charge (a person or a property) with a payment, such as a tax or a fine 3. set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine) 4. estimate the value of (property) for taxation. 
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1. We need to assess the impact on climate change.
2. The insurers will need to assess the flood damage.
3. Small town banks have to assess the relative riskiness of their loans.
4. It's difficult to assess the impact of the President's speech.
5. It's difficult to assess the effects of these changes.
6. We tried to assess his suitability for the job.
7. We are trying to assess how well the system works.
8. It is difficult to assess the full extent of the damage.
9. It is difficult to assess the building's value properly without seeing it.
10. I'd assess your chances as low.
11. It is difficult to fully assess the damage.
12. Interviews allow you to assess the suitability of candidates.
13. How do you assess your students?
14. The technique is being tried in classrooms to assess what effects it may have.
15. Small town banks have to assess the relative riskiness of their.
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16. The college has few ways to assess the quality of education overall.
17. A topic-based approach can be hard to assess in primary schools with a typical spread of ability.
18. As an adult, you can assess the situation realistically.
19. We should equitably assess historical figures.
20. The appraisal system seeks to assess employees' strengths and weaknesses.
21. The directors will have to assess our credit risk.
22. At the moment it is difficult to assess the extent of the damage.
23. The job of the jury is to assess the credibility of the witness.
24. We need to assess the merits of both proposals before making our decision.
25. It is too early to assess the full extent of the damage.
26. It's impossible to assess how many officers are participating in the slowdown.
27. It's too early to assess the long-term consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
28. We know some sex offenders dupe the psychologists who assess them.
29. We shall have to explicate its basic assumptions before we can assess its implications.
30. A representative of the company will call on you to assess the damage.
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