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Essence in a sentence

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Synonym: fragrancemeaningodorperfumescentsignificancesmellsubstanceSimilar words: essentiallysentencepassengerassessvesseldessertdepressedassessmentMeaning: ['esns] n. 1. the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience 2. any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted 3. the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work 4. a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor. 
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1. Selt-trust is the essence of heroism. 
2. Self-trust is the essence of heroism. 
3. The essence of language is human activity. 
4. The essence of his religious teaching is love for all men.
5. The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted.
6. The essence of his argument is that capitalism cannot succeed.
7. The essence of Arsenal's style of football was speed.
8. In essence, all computers are the same.
9. His paintings embody the very essence of the immediate post-war years.
10. To annotate the essence of life with friendship.
11. In essence ,[] your situation isn't so different from mine.
12. The essence of his argument was that education should continue throughout life.
13. Like so many peasant foods, the essence of pasta is its simplicity.
14. His paintings capture the essence of France.
15. Add a few drops of vanilla essence.
16. Good communications are of the essence to remain competitive.
17. In essence his message was very simple.
18. For many, the essence of French living is to be found in the rural heartlands.
19. In essence, both sides agree on the issue.
20. The essence of dialectical thought is division.
21. The essence of New York is its extremity and diversity.
22. Do you use coffee essence in making cakes?
23. We must try to get to the essence of things.
24. Her favourite essence smells like gardenias.
25. Speed is of the essence in dealing with an emergency.
26. Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.
27. In the above chapter, we have learned what the essence of translation is.
28. The establishment of new international economic order is the essence of his article.
29. In any of these discussions, of course, honesty is of the essence.
30. The rules of common law and equity are both, in essence, systems of private law.
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